Important Tips for Good Resume Writing

Important Tips for Good Resume Writing

As soon as the new school year begins, for some of you, it will be synonymous with looking for internships or odd jobs for the next summer. Being a business school student, I have often needed to write a lot of resumes to apply for an internship. And I heard a lot of advice to write this famous sheet of paper, meant to represent our entire professional life in a few lines and appeal to the recruiter to call for an interview. Yes, this simple piece of paper can make you win the jackpot. So to help you, here are the tips I can give you to make the best impression and sell you at best.

Create a Concise Resume

You are not supposed to go over the two pages in your resume. Most of the recruiters advocate the resume to a page.

Use Blooding Wisely

Read your resume and put in bold the most important keywords of the resume. The recruiter must be able to quickly read your resume by jumping from one bold keyword to the next.

Read Your Resume Aloud

With this practice, you will realize if your resume is understandable and easy to read.

Check the presentation of Your Resume

Check if you have used the same fonts throughout, if you have left the same spaces between the different sections and if you have left enough free space for the convenience of reading. Remember to be consistent throughout the resume, use the same typography for company names, another for job descriptions, and so on.

Put a Professional Photo

If you decide to put a photo, then opt for a professional photo rather than a photo in an informal dress with a random background. Ask the opinions of your friends on the photo. It must have a white background and you are at your best. If you do not have such a picture for now, then there is no need to put a bad picture as it will serve you positively.

The section of interest is important.

Do not put ‘Cinema’ or ‘Playback’ or other insignificant focus in this section. Everyone loves cinema and reading! Highlight activities that reflect your drive or team spirit. If you are captain of a football team, mention it. If you are climbing, indicate it. Be unique to make the difference.

You can also take help of the online resume writing services so as to avoid the risk factor for sure.

It is always difficult to write your first resume to apply for a student job, for example, and when you are still high school student, in particular to fill the part professional experience. It is then a question of going to fetch the smallest experience of which you will be able to draw anything in a professional capacity, an experiment in babysitting, presence in a council of school life or in an association and the actions carried out, or an exchange in another country. Try to find at least one small thing that you can exploit. For the other sections, it should not be difficult.

Be nice to look at and structured!

It cannot be said enough that the resume should not be a rough draft of your autobiography. It must be organized and appealing and make you want to read it when you look at it at arm’s length. Do not hesitate to jump lines between each part and align your topics. To do this, I advise you to create a table, to align dates and descriptions and then just hide the borders of the table.

Your resume must be structured in its form. Let me explain, it is a question of keeping the same font, the same size, the same alignment, for all the sections. If you have chosen to write the titles in Arial 12 in dark blue, then the dates in Arial 10 bold and descriptions of your experiences in Arial 10, do not change size or font in one or the other since the goal is to keep your resume consistent.

Do not make mistakes!

As in the cover letter, spelling errors are obviously prohibited. The automatic markers are often unreliable, so if you can, call someone you know who can help you correct and if it seems necessary, get in touch with the professional resume writing services online. If this is not possible, make sure to check in the dictionary the spelling of each word of which you have a doubt, make re-readings by theme, and make a revision for spelling and grammar.

Do not lie!

You hear it everywhere, but it’s the truth that lying on a resume is never good! If the recruiter offers an interview, he or she will be able to recognize the inconsistencies in your career, and your recruitment will stop there. If your course can sometimes seem incoherent, it is better to know how to defend it to justify it, to argue than to lie.


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