Is ECU Remapping Really a Beneficial Step?

Is ECU Remapping Really a Beneficial Step?

Some car owners choose maximum performance above everything else. The ECU can be remapped to generate power and torque in the upper-middle range where it is most needed. The response of engine becomes sharper and the acceleration smoother, allowing for less assertive vehicle handling and overtaking on the freeways.

The ECU remapping can increase engine power by up to 35%, depending on the type of car. Other owners are more concerned about handling the car, reducing fuel bills and reducing CO2 emissions.

The realignment of the fuel economy consists of improving the lower engine torsion downwards, which reduces the shifts required in the city of daily driving, which in turn can reduce the fuel consumption and emissions. By using ECU remapping, the drivers can see fuel savings up to 20%. Turbo diesel engines usually see the most noticeable improvement with ECU remapping.

In case your car has a turbocharged gasoline engine or a normal engine, there is less chance of improvement, however, you can still get significant energy benefits from the ECU remapping. You can call the service provider and ask what they can do for your vehicle specially.

The remapping of the ECU in today’s cars is safer and easier than before. The technology does the job as there is no need to remove the engine control unit or play with the internal parts. Alternatively, the ECU is remapped through the OBD port, using the latest software version and tools.

The original map of the automobile is downloaded to the technician’s laptop, rewritten to the desired specifications, and then directed to the ECU. A duplicate of the original map is saved in order to return the engine to its previous tuning state at any point in the future.

The configuration setting of turbo pressure, turbo threshold, turbo limiters, turbo injection control, fuel injection, RPM load and numerous other process variables are optimized within ECU remapping. The technician must ensure to stay in the green zone when adjusting the maps i.e. working within the threshold limits of the car in question.

After ECU remapping, you will instantly realize the extra power and better response from your car. Properly remapped ECU will increase power and make driving more fun without damaging your car in the least. Just think of the magnificent engineering that is dedicated to modern vehicles and it a shame not to make the most of it. ECU remapping is actually a vehicle modification that can quickly turn your good car into a great one.


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