Jobs That Pay Well With Only High School Diploma

Jobs That Pay Well With Only High School Diploma

In the whole world, it is a common belief that one has to always get high education in order to join a well-paid job which is obviously very much true, but in United States, there are a few jobs where a high school diploma is enough to make a good living. Let’s see what these jobs are in this article.

Transportation, Warehouse or Distribution Managers

The average annual salary for managers in the transport, storage and distribution is $85,400. This job pays $41.06 per hour.

The job description is to plan, direct and coordinate the activities of transport, storage and distribution of goods provided with the internal rules of the company and state and federal laws to the for concerned personnel and labor.

In the United States they are many people willing to work in these position as the remuneration is quite handsome as compared the to the required education which is just high school. As for the future of this profession until 2022, the expected growth will be between 3 and 7 percent.

Mechanical Lifts or Elevators

Typically, mechanical lifts start working in that position at the end of high school and four years after practice is done that is sponsored by a union or a company. Mechanical lifting deals to install, repair and maintain elevators, freight elevators and escalators, etc. The annual gross average salary is $ 78,640 and $37.81 per hour. There are now more than 20,000 people in the United States with this profession.

Nuclear Operators

To work as a nuclear operator, it is required to complete high school and then perform a technical job training and pass an exam to get the license. In this work, one has to deal with controlling the flow of electricity in nuclear power plants. At present, there are about 5,000 people employed in this occupation in the United States. The average gross annual salary is $ 78,350 and the average hourly rate is $37.67.

Power Plant Operators

Power plant operators are responsible for maintaining the equipment used to generate electricity. Although in some cases it is sufficient to have studies of high school, it is common to have to go through labor practices and, in many cases, studies at vocational school, college or community college are required. If there is a nuclear plant, it is usual to have to obtain a license and one also has to pass a background check. Similarly, the workers are subject to analysis of alcohol and drugs. The annual gross average salary is $68,700.

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