Kik Messenger – A Free App to Stay Connected with Your Loved Ones

Kik Messenger – A Free App to Stay Connected with Your Loved Ones

No doubt, in the era of technology, everyone seems busy and it’s difficult to find time in order to remain connected with your loved ones. Another major reason is people avoid expending a lot for the messages. Kik messenger proved to be a best app ever in order to make you closer with your dear ones.

How to Start It?

If you want to use Kik app, it is very simple and easy to download it as there are no complexities in it. Initially, you just have to download Kik for PC and the mobile app that is free of cost then download the Kik messenger. To obtain it, there are various ways for different devices for instant if you have android phones, you can download this app from Google play. Similarly for windows phones, windows phone marketplace is available that gives you services to get this app instantly.

After installing app, the rest of the work is quite easy. Kik will mechanically provide you option to generate an account. There is also sign in option is available for those people who have already an account on this site. If you are going to create an account, at first, you have to fill a form in which nothing is difficult. There are some basic questions to make your account authentic such as your email address, the name, date of birth, password for your account security. There are some optional data is there and it is up to your choice either you want to fill it or not which include your phone number, your profile photo.

Kik messenger provides instant message services which are not provided by any other app.

Profile Addition

The account that is specific for the Kik messenger is comprised of your user name and profile picture and some other major details. The best thing of this account is that you are capable to add or change your user name or profile photo whenever you want.

Conversation List

For the convenience of the people, you are facilitated with the list of conversation which you have done with different people. This service is also provided by various Smartphones. Kik is very useful because, with the help of list, you can easily get an idea about the people with whom you were remaining connected and also helpful in searching the desirable contact or chat that may be related to your family member, business partner, school friend or colleague, etc.

Chat Modification

To make your chat more attractive, there is another feature which is used to change the color of your chat background and provide you desirable conversation environment.

Group Chats

If you want to have a business deal, want to have group study, conversation with family members then go for Kik messenger. As this app gives you an opportunity to make a group and add desirable contacts there. So the people who are added would be the only members who are able to read the conversation so you can make your chat private or limited.

Although launched in 2010, Kik messenger is still new for many people. Kik messenger is a popular social connectivity messaging service, on which one can easily start a conversation, share his/ her pictures and videos, and also instantly access the shared webpages.

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Following are some of the interesting but less known features of this connectivity app.

  • Integrated Web Browser

If anyone has shared a webpage with you during individual or group conversation, you do not need to close your account and go to the browser. Instead, the shared web page can be instantly viewed with the help of an integrated web browser. The best part is that you can stay online while you surf the recommended webpage, and can continue your conversations.

  • Sharing Of Videos

Along with the web browser integration, Kik also allows you to share any video saved on your device during a conversation, without any interruption. This feature is not available on many other connectivity apps.

  • Use Of Customized Emojis

Nowadays, chats on any social media app are incomplete without the use of smileys and emojis. Realizing their importance, Kik has provided a provision of designing and using one’s own customized emojis. You can also design a complete set, and then upload them on Kik site. If these emojis are selected, the app will start providing them as well along with their older ones, with all the recognition.

  • Inbuilt Video Recording

In addition to the provision of sharing saved device videos, Kik also has a provision to instantly record and send a video. Its video recording feature can record instantly a 15- second long video, which can be shared in any conversation or group.

  • More Popular Than Others

According to statistical reviews and analysis, Kik messenger has currently more than 200 million users, and it is one of the most rapidly growing social media platforms worldwide. According to a survey, on average, a Kik user spends almost 35 minutes each session on Kik, it is the second longest time duration, after the Facebook which has a rate of 37 minute per session. Therefore, Kik has now initiated a tough competition of popularity among its counterparts like Instagram, Snapchat and Whatsapp.

6. Group Chat

Unlike a common perception that it would be difficult to start a group conversation in this app, Kik offers the option to send a same message to many different people at the same time, by forming a group of a few individuals. You just nedd to select those friends to whom you want to send a message, then click on create group, and a separate conversation box will be created. Any message sent here will be read by all those in the group.

7. Notifications

Kik messenger has the swiftest system of delivering the notifications. It will notify you as soon as the message has been delivered/ sent, received and read. In this way, you can easily know the status of the message, as well as if someone has read your message but is ignoring you.


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