Log home care basis

Log home care basis

Log homes now a days are gaining popularity throughout the world. They are attractive, beautiful and warmer, that is why people prefer them as compared to other houses. The history of these homes is very old. If anyone is planning to move in log home he or she should know how to take care of these homes. People think that the maintenance and caring of these homes if very difficult, time consuming and expansive but it is just a misconception, if from the construction of your log house you will take care of it the house will last very long. But there are some things which you should keep in mind for a long lasting log home.

  1. At the times of construction try to select that log which has high content of natural toxins in it. These toxins help trees to fight against insects. If you smell a tree, you will be smelling that natural toxin present in it. The trees which have high heartwood have high natural toxin content in them.
  2. Even if your log has not very high toxin contents in it you can use pesticides. There are large number of pesticides present in market which can kill insects and bugs.  If you don’t use pesticides in your log home bugs and insects will start eating wood.
  3. Carpenter bees are also another problem as they create holes in the wood. Hey also cause buzz sound which irritate some people as well. So in this case use liquid formulation for carpenter bees present in markets.
  4. Mold can grow on your log if you don’t keep it dry. Clean and dry your log home regularly because molds can grow at any place where moisture is present.
  5. Cracks are not a very big problem in case of logs because when moisture from log is removed it produces cracks. But if the cracks are on the top of your house it can cause problem. If the cracks are on the top of your house they can accumulate rain, snow and dust. Clean these cracks and fill them with stain, borate and caulk.
  6. Make sure to use the type of stain which matches with your log home. Different companies produce different stains according to different condition like environmental conditions and age of your log home.
  7. Stains stop wood from absorbing moisture and also protect it from sun damage. You should check whether to stain your log home or not. Because even if you are not living in cold area, you still have to stain your house so that it can protect your home from sun and uv damage.

If you will not take care of your log home it is   possible that your home will damage after a certain period of time. So regularly stain your house, check if there are any cracks on the top of your house. If you are using oil based stain stick with it don’t change the stain in the middle of construction or maintenance.


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