Major Characters in Clash of Clans

Major Characters in Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a very well liked MMO game for the reason that it has highly attractive gameplay and a lot of interesting characters with likable appearance and their particular skills. These are the reasons why who plays it once get addicted to it. All of the characters in Clash of Clans have some particular powers, abilities and functions which make them different from each other. In CoC, you find all sorts of characters having brain and muscle power to magical powers. When you start playing the game, you will find 10 main characters. Here is a brief description of each and every character starting with barbarians.

1 – Barbarians

It is very first unit you release in barracks. Their appearance is of typical barbarians as you have seen in many Hollywood movies, having a furious expression on face with yellow lengthy mustache and hair and they are ever-ready to combat. The barbarians are clad in brown cloth with leather belt and iron buckle and they have spiked wristbands worn on both arms. Their weapon is a small sword which they hold in the right hand

A barbarian is rewarded with headband when he enters the level 3 and a viking helmet when he enters the level 5 and at level 6, he is given a sharper sword along with strong horn helmet.

2 – The Barbarian King

The Barbarian King is the strongest in his whole clan and belongs to the immortal unit so the training for him is required only one time. If he is hurt on the battlefield, his health can be restored by making him sleep. 

3 – Archer Queen

She is also included in the immortal unit she requires training once as well. She is treated in the same way as the Barbarian King if she gets hurt during a combat.

4 – Archers

It is female charter and her name suggests itself what she is expert at with pleasant and colorful appearance. She has pink hair and sharp eyes, clad in green dress with a belt on which she carries a little bag. She also has golden ring on the shoulder and pink feathers for arrow flights.

5 – Goblins

This is the quickest one and primarily targeting the resource buildings and causes twofold damage with gold mines and elixir storage

6 – Giants

As the name suggests, they are enormous in size and cause the same level of harm and their chief target is defenses

Last Words

You can see how challenging this game could be which make it necessary to have lots of VC to be powerful and you can also use Clash of Clans Hack to get stronger and better.


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