Maps and Best Strategy to Be Used in Pixel Gun 3D Arena Mode

Maps and Best Strategy to Be Used in Pixel Gun 3D Arena Mode

In this article you will going to explore Pixel Gun 3D Mode. If you want to know about same mode in Pixel Gun World you can search arena PGW on Google.

The Arena previously known as Survival mode is a mode in mini-game in Pixel Gun 3D and Pixel Gun World. The main objective is to survive many waves you can. You will see no limit endless to complete an Arena Mode.

Maps in Pixel Gun 3D mode

There are 8 maps, as mentioned here as well as their availability in two of these games

  • The Colosseum (Pixel Gun 3D).
  • Foggy Swamp (Both Pixel Gun 3D and Pixel Gun World). Check for Swamp for its personal computer counterpart.
  • The Ice Hockey Arena (Pixel Gun 3D).
  • The Space Station (Pixel Gun 3D).
  • The Abandoned Mineshaft (Both Pixel Gun World and Pixel Gun 3D). Check for Mine for its personal computer counterpart.
  • The Medieval Castle (Pixel Gun 3D).
  • The Atlantis (Pixel Gun 3D).
  • The Scary Pizzeria (Pixel Gun 3D).

Use Default Weapons

You may have several different strategies in playing Arena Mode. Best of these is to have Signal Pistol that is actually meant for this mode because it takes out the mobs of the zombies in maximum 3 hits along with end mobs 2 with mix 1 regular.

All the time aim for weaker points of enemy such as head to deal with the extra damage. With the help of this tip you can have shorter battle as well as ameliorated ammunition conservation.

All the time try to manage ammunition. Some weaponizes such as Old Revolver could easily run out of the ammunition, therefore try to collect as much as ammunition pick-ups as you can. Collecting them up will not just make Old Revolver receiving much more ammo, however all equipped guns can receive extra clips. Moreover, try to burst firing, particularly with the weaponizes which can simply run out of your ammunition.

All the time try to manage your armor and health, because you can only have a row of armor and health each.

Best of the maps which you can play are anyone except the Scary Pizzeria and Hockey Arena. In Scary Pizzeria, there’re too much walls for arena-based maps that may be difficult running. In the Ice Hockey Arena, you will face troubles walking on floor, because of slippery ice. To make your game performance to count on your enemies try to fetch some free coins and gems from sites that are offering Pixel Gun 3D hack no survey.

There are ample of strategies for playing in the Arena Mode. One of the most effective strategies is to have explosive weaponries with fine mobility such as Anti-Gravity Blasters that is actually made for such mode because it take out the MOBS of your enemies in maximum three hits with end mobs two along with mix of 1 with regular one. 

There is Dark Matter Generator that also work with this type of role because it has nearly same if not exactly similar properties like Anti-Gravity Blasters. As soon as you pick your weapons, it is while to roll. When you’re out you must keep gathering ammo for Gravity Gun or Bass Cannon as well as keep gathering shields as well. Whenever you reach waves 10 best strategies are to jump on heads of the mobs through rocket jump and then to rocket jump of enemies heads to kill them in 4s or 5s.

One more strategy is Automatic Peacemaker and any other type of mini-gun weapon. Because of amount of bullet peacemaker has, players can go for around more than 30 rounds at least without dying when player hold good armor, continue gathering ammo pickups, as well as runs in circular path around your arena when shooting your enemies. By this you allow yourself for larger score and getting a lot of coins at the same time.

Best throw of throwing gadget in crowd wears enemies’ health out and make it easier to pick off. Singular Grenade group mobs in one place, making them much more vulnerable to the crowd-controls weapons, including Ghost Lantern. Because lantern kills almost all of the mobs with single shot. But, you required be careful if there’re any ranged enemy in black hole as they can yet attack you.

You can also take help of pets to locate the remaining enemies when you face trouble locating them.

Additionally, the Fire Orb and Storm Hammer can help you in this mode, because it is best for crowd controlling and it needs no such ammo for swinging around, however, check out for the ranged enemies as well as take these enemies out just like how you can kill ranged players with such melee weaponries.

By using Christmas Tree Turret you can make your enemies go against it to make them prioritizing on the attacking it prior to the attacks on you. By this you can survive as many waves you can. There is limitless to complete Arena mode and Pixel Gun 3 D hacks can help you a lot.


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