Merits and Demerits of Diesel Cars

Merits and Demerits of Diesel Cars

Having a diesel car has certain advantages and some disadvantages that the user must know to decide whether to opt for diesel engines or prefer gasoline.

Fuel Consumption

In diesel cars, there is more energy in terms of calorific value in a gallon of fuel than in a cubic meter of gas. In other words, a diesel engine produces more power with less fuel than a gas engine does.

The results may vary but typically there is a 12-75% economy of fuel consumption using diesel fuel.

Initial Cost

The diesel engines are designed and built in a very robust, heavier and stronger, way, for example, thicker cylindrical walls, more robust block etc. and this usually means an increase in the overall cost.


They must be built much more robustly to withstand the proportions of the cylindrical compression, temperature, etc.


Oil change is more expensive due to the capacity of the carter and the size of the filters. In addition, fuel filters and water separators should be changed more frequently. You only have to quote the price of an injection pump to realize how expensive they are. Again, preventive maintenance plays a very important role.

They are typically designed to work many more hours and under more adverse conditions, before requiring repair. It should also be borne in mind that any negligence in the level of preventive maintenance in a diesel engine can mean a much higher cost in terms of corrective repair than in the case of a gas engine. While performing maintenance routine, you can also consider diesel tuning.

High Performance

Gas engines usually have better peak power but for this they require high speed operation and are not designed to operate in this way for extended time. The diesel engines do not need to work at high speeds to produce their maximum peak power, and therefore are designed to operate over long periods of time resulting in a longer service life.

Cold Temperature

When the temperature goes down, especially to sub-zero, some diesel engines take time to start up. Equipping a diesel engine with a block heater helps mitigate this problem. However, depending on where the engine is located, it can be a bit tricky to find a source of power to keep the heater energized.

If a diesel engine is more efficient, why do most cars still have gasoline engines? The reality is that diesel engines have never had as much impact on cars as gasoline. In the past, diesel has had some impact from periods of oil crisis, but even so, they have had certain disadvantages which might have been discouraging the buyers.


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