Myths and Facts about Using IT Recruiters

Myths and Facts about Using IT Recruiters

When working with a recruiter; you have to be extra careful and need to make sure that you have hired the right person. Now with most of the company outsourcing the HR work; one would think that the recruiter are HR personals who know inside out about the game of recruiting but you know they are not. Interesting, is not it? We bet there are so many facts and myths that you have not come across. Well, we have loads of these interesting facts about the IT recruiters so hop on with us and read the full article to know a lot more facts and myths about the IT recruiters:

All Recruiters are Trained

It is a myth that all recruiters are same! While most of the employees in the company are trained people, IT recruiters on the other hand are usually not. It is because they are not working for the company from the inside and as such most of the companies do not care from where they have had their education. They only mean business from them and that is they want the recruiters to find for them the best candidate there is for the job.

No Calling Back

It is one of the recruiter’s fact that you would not have come across before. If you are the person looking for  a job and have found an IT recruiter for the company then you need to realize that even if you have a very good relationship with the person, do not really expect of him to call you back because he simply does not have the time to do so. With so many candidates, he has to grind out the best one and as such how can one person expect that he will be calling every person back or even 20% of them back?

Recruiters have No Idea About the Field

It is a fact that whoever is the recruiter; he would not know anything about the field that he is hiring for. It is because he simply cannot go on to read books of so many IT related fields and then try to become a recruiter. He just tries to make his best guess while on the job and gets full knowledge about certain wants that the IT manager of the company wants so that he can get the best possible personal for them.

Recruiter’s Job is An Easy One It is so easy to say right? It is one of the biggest myths about the IT recruiter that his job is quite easy but in real it is not. Making a good amount of networks and contacts are not that easy and adding to that they have to make sure that whoever they are presenting to the company is a fully qualified person that fully understands the need of the company. If he fails to do that, he would have to face big consequences not only from the candidates but from the recruiters as well.


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