Need & Importance of Christian Counseling and Guidance

Need & Importance of Christian Counseling and Guidance

The personal guidance and counseling of the Christian is necessary today, when we live a particular confusion about the values ​​that should structure the existence of men and women. Only the Christian conscience, trying to live the gospel in the midst of temporary circumstances, may hold the drift of the world.

Unfortunately we are witnessing a historic moment in which we can speak of crisis in the minds of many Christians. It is not just a sum of individual cases, but that the phenomenon of disorientation seems to acquire more general proportions.

The disciple of Christ is to watch and assess calmly this critical situation because he knows from faith and by faith and the divine-human strength of the Church, every ecclesial crisis gives strength to the contrary motion and renewal takes place. As stated by Pope Benedict XVI, ‘the Lamb defeats the dragon’.

But the Christian men and women need encouragement, guidance and judgment to reflect and act. Technical progress, which is so important to master the hostile forces or limiting the natural environment, and improve the quality of life of humanity, presents full of ambiguities and misunderstandings.

No invention is morally indifferent. You can serve man to do good or you can also give wings to designs that spread evil and they do get to places, environments and habits that did not suffer any further contamination. The straight discerning of moral courage and scope of the instruments we use are essential for the Christian to be, by the grace of God and possibly with the advice of a wise brother, master of himself.

It happens very often that the public values ​​of the Kingdom of God, such as peace, justice, harmony, truth and compassion, are confused by the secular and secularist pressure and ambient with distortions of those evangelical values. This is usually due to a misconception of what man is and how it has to be understood and achieved by the authentic good of society.

Thus, peace becomes pacifism or even violence, justice is deformed into a deal of people that ignores human differences and protection of the weakest, compassion is falsified because he appreciates only partial aspects of the person, which is not only a citizen of this world. It is in short the application of the old positivist and purely quantitative principle of achieving the greatest happiness for the greatest number as if humanity were an anthill.

The individual tends to be morally defenseless against shocks and permanent and relentless pressure of secularism, enemy of all religions. This secularism spreads through social environment, mass media and ideological claptrap of false oracles that proponents of man and society reformers call themselves.

The current world scenario shows us a human being dropped by sin and redeemed by the blood of Christ, which is subjected to numerous centrifugal forces attempting to divert its path, and alter human beings and his relationship with God.

Naturally, this is not a novelty of our time because men and women are always wayfarers, and surrounded by both dangers and threats to their moral safety, but these dangers seem to increase paradoxically, when human society grows in culture, technical ability and knowledge of all kinds. Therefore, it is vital to cultivate the centripetal forces of the grace of God and the support of the best of the Christian community so that they do not see dismantled personality and responsibility as a believer of God. You can get further information here.


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