Overview of the Journey of Samsung Smartphones

Overview of the Journey of Samsung Smartphones

Samsung phones certainly have come so far. These days Samsung is recognized as one of the best and most famous selling mobile phone brand all over the world. Samsung started its advancement on the cellular phones in the late 90s with the help of a humble monotone phone. Later on with the advancement and new technology, Samsung not only updated its technology but introduced various beautiful and easy to use cellular phones in market. Samsung phones are equally popular around the globe. The best part about these phones is that you can easily afford these phones as they are available in all prices. You can get a Samsung phone from the range of $50 to $500 as per your choice. Of course the features are enhanced in every model.

The Korean based company is now neck to neck in competition with the other famous brands such as Apple and LG. Infact, Samsung is the biggest contender of iPhone. It has so many features that are same in the expensive IPhones. Thus people can get great quality in a lower price if they want to consider buying anything else than Apple.

Before the advent of smartphones, Samsung was not a big name in the cellular industry. However after the success of S1, Samsung launched SII that marked a new era for Samsung phones. This phone had each feature that you wanted and you could find in an iPhone.It had the speed, compatibility and a great working mode that made it a favorite of many people all around the globe.

After that the success of the S series continued giving us SIII another famous phone and mega contender or apple. Now Samsung has launched S4, S5 and S6 to Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Each has a brilliant performance and are owned by hundreds of people. As apple is known to produce the same models for a longer period of time, Samsung came up with loads of variations. The variations included changes in software, shape, color and design. This is the reason users can buy any phone with whatever kind of look that they want to have. They have brilliantly created tablets and note phones as well.

Samsung has introduced hundreds of models until now. They have launched phones with buttons, flip phones, double camera phones, and phones with dual screens, phones with touch screen along with a QWERTY keypad, QWERTY phones, and full touch screen phones. These days mostly available phones from samsung are touch screened ones. You will be astonished to know that Apple wasn’t the company that introduced the concept of smart phones, but it was Samsung that brought up this concept and launched the first smart phone in the year 2001. Thus this brand surely has gained and cover a lot of journey in the field of technology. The reason of its immense success is customer satisfaction and providing the best to the users.


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