Packaging for Goods – A Significant Point to Consider

Packaging for Goods – A Significant Point to Consider

Presentation in everything matters most and when it is about selling products, it is one of the decisive factors, so you must not take it lightly or else it will be a disaster in the end.

The packaging is a container or envelope containing products temporarily mainly to group units of a product thinking of handling, transportation and storage. Other functions of packaging are to protect the content, facilitate handling, reporting on your driving conditions, legal requirements, composition, ingredients, etc. Within the commercial establishment, the packaging can help sell merchandise through its graphic and structural design.


It is the wrapping material and it maintains and preserves the good; it is in direct contact with the product and can be rigid as boxes, bottles, blisters, or flexible bags, sachets, pouches and envelopes.

Secondary Packaging

It is usually in shape of boxes of various materials which is packed with corrugated boxes of various models and is very resistant.

Tertiary Packaging

It is the one that is designed to support large numbers of secondary packaging, so that the main good do not get damaged or deteriorated in the transport and storage process between the factory and the final consumer.

Examples of Packaging

Models or types most common for secondary packaging are as follows;

  • Tray
  • Liquid dispenser box
  • Envelope or box Wrap around
  • Display case
  • Box automatic background
  • Semiautomatic box background
  • Wooden box
  • Plastic box
  • Grid box with built
  • Box with lid
  • Box top and bottom
  • Cardboard box
  • Corrugated paperboard
  • Basket
  • Case
  • Plastic film
  • Film foam or bubble wrap
  • It set agricultural
  • Paper sack

A few more elements of the packaging are as follows;

  • Conditioner
  • Separator
  • Strip

Packaging and Labeling

Packaging and labeling constitutes the envelope or protection that accompanies a product, and it is also a part of its characteristics and meets several objectives such as the following;

  • Protection
  • Comfort
  • Promotion
  • Communication
  • Improving the image of its brand. (Attractive packaging and labels are used to call the attention of consumers, and they are easily distinguishable from the competitors, contribute much, and at low cost, to form the image of a brand.)

I hope you have got a good amount of information regarding the importance and process of packaging.

For containers there are different strategies;

  • Identical or very common characteristics for products of the same line packaging, facilitating partnerships and promotion as long as the quality is good.
  • Containers with later use, allowing, once consumed the product, its use for other purposes. This strategy is also temporarily used for promotional purposes.
  • Multiple containers, in which several units, equal or complementary offered, with less than the sum of the individual purchase price. Also the multi-pack is used to present an assortment gift, at a higher price justified by proper presentation to a gift. Typical cases are perfumery.

In designing containers, ecological aspects of their construction and subsequent disposal once consumed the product should be considered and you should indicate when it is effective that the packaging is manufactured from recycled or empty container, it is then possible to recycle materials.

If you plan to get your products to supermarkets or department stores, products must carry the barcode, universal coding system for all products printed on the package or label can be electronically read by ATMs and wineries.

Quality Control

To ensure that text and graphic content on packaging according to planned and specified solutions exist automatically compared against the digital files in packages and labels printed. Frequent changes found are insertions or deletions of text or letters, change colors, fonts, or changes and shifts in the images. Such changes have an impact on the quality and accuracy of information, which can damage the reputation of a company and usually produces losses having to remove the lot with the defect. Besides packaging of drugs in the European Union should have from 2010 Braille language in all its packaging and inserts with drug information.

Importance of Packaging and Labeling

Packaging is important because it covers certain needs such as;

  • Protect the product on its way to the consumer
  • Protect after purchase
  • Help product acceptance by intermediaries
  • Persuading consumers to buy the product
  • The packaging must not deplete natural resources
  • Should not pose health risks
  • Should not be an expensive packaging

The packages contain attributes that distinguish the variety of products that account signature and facilitate the counting of existing products and thus have greater control of inventory.

As for the label that must include the following;

  • Generic or specific name of the product
  • Declaration of Ingredients
  • Identification and address of the manufacturer, importer, packager, jobber or national or foreign distributor as applicable.
  • The instructions for storage, use, preparation and consumption
  • The ingredient that might pose a risk mediate or immediate health of consumers, either by ingestion, application or product handling.
  • The nutritional contribution
  • The expiry date
  • Lot identification
  • The processing condition which has been subjected to the product when it is associated with potential risks.
  • The warning statements

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