• May 11, 2021
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Yoga Sutras Health

Learn Breathing Practice In Yoga According To Yoga Sutras

Yoga Sutras were compiled by the sage Patanjali based on the ancient tradition of yoga and aim to realize a whole scientific system that is yoga. With Yoga Sutras, we understand that yoga is primarily a psychological science based on ancient philosophy of transcendence. Just do what he says and the result will occur. The […]

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Pranayama Health

What to Consider before Practicing Pranayama?

Pranayama is the science of controlling prana (vital energy) through breathing exercises. It is the fourth of the branches of classical yoga, systemized by the sage Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras. In the yogic tradition, pranayama is practiced to increase the amount of oxygen in the brain, which can increase mental abilities and optimal functioning […]

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Management Indicators Business

How to Use Management Indicators?

Management indicators are often linked with measurable results such as annual sales or cost reduction in manufacturing. In other words, the definition of indicator is that ‘magnitude used to measure or compare the actual results in the execution of a job. Driving a vehicle we need a panel to give us important points to make […]

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Yogis Vegetarians General

Why are Yogis Vegetarians?

The Principle of Ahimsa The Yamas and Niyamas constitute the ethics of yoga. They are a series of ethical precepts that tell us how to relate to the environment (yama) and what principles to follow in our own lives to have inner peace (niyamas). First of all, it is ahimsa, which means much more than […]

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Gaining Weight Health

4 Tips to Avoid Gaining Weight

1 – Your diet is your lifestyle. The diet, contrary to what is assumed, it is not a period of a few weeks of sacrifice to remove extra kilos, but the proper way to eat throughout the year and then lifetime. If you diet to lose weight and then you leave it to eat uncontrollably, […]

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Finsbury Associates Business

Why to Have Wealth Management Dubai Consultation from Finsbury Associates?

Before moving on further with this discussion-based editorial one must know what wealth management vitally is. Wealth Management is a great level certified service that combines speculation advice, secretarial tax services, superannuation planning, and permitted plantation planning for one fee. You work very hard all your life to pursuit happiness. Start letting your money does […]

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Polyurethane General

Why Do Furniture Manufacturers Shy Away From Using Polyurethane?

Despite the undeniable advantages of the paints and lacquers with polyurethane, there are many furniture and wood product manufacturers who use catalyzed lacquers in order to cut the cost. When we talk about the characteristics of polyurethane products, many manufacturers say that in the end the products finished with polyurethane are in a state similar […]

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Succession Plan Business

What is a Succession Plan and How to Deal with Succession Planning Dubai?

There are some decisions that must be taken during the life-time of a person as they can affect his/her savings, business and most of all next generation. Succession planning is one of those important decisions that should be made when there is time. It is particularly important for big businesses that require a constant flow […]

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Polyurethane General

What Is Polyurethane?

Polyurethane is a chemical agent, widely used in various processes. It was in 1937 when the German chemist, Otto Bayer, achieved the first polyurethane, the moment in which all the Europe was stricken with World War II. As a result, the polyurethane manufacturing process was slow. Even so, its manufacture at the industrial level began […]

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Finsbury Associates General

Why to Go for Retirement Planning Dubai by Finsbury Associates?

Having a proper retirement plan is extremely important to maintain your standard of living after retirement. This is probably one of the most important decisions that a person has to make as it will directly affect his/her future. It is a common observation that people who don’t consider retirement planning often end up with financial […]

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