Pixel Gun 3D – A Mine craft Inspired Multiplayer First Person Shooter Game

Pixel Gun 3D – A Mine craft Inspired Multiplayer First Person Shooter Game

Are you a big fan of FPS games? If yes, and you have a Window phone, you must check Pixel Gun 3D. Pixel Gun 3D game is a multiplayer that is available on both Android and iOS. However developer also launch title on Microsoft’s Mobile version earlier this month. Interesting thing about Pixel Gun 3D is how it is inspired by the popular game Mine craft.

Before getting started, players can choose their personal skin and set up their favorite nicknames and after this can enter some intensive multiplayer game. You can find variety of ready made skins to choose from, almost everything from popular Mine craft creeper to famous female nurse clothes. It is clear to view solid references of Mine craft across the game, including world design, text and the like, however this is not a negative, particularly if you also like to play those block building games. Now that you have customized your character that you like most, it is time to get stuck to some action. 

There are variety of options to select from, depending on your liking to proceed and which type of frame of mind you are in at the present. At present in game Pixel Gun 3D you can find Death match, Survival as well as Co-op modes. When covering each of these mode you have up to 10 individuals competing with one another on a network in many different maps as well as survival mode in which you fight with hordes of rivals. You can find multiple of weapons, including laser rifles and heavy axes. Players can easily set matches according to their liking, selecting maps and much more. You can even create your own servers too.

Select the maps you like to use, enter server or match name, choose the number of players as well as configure goals to win. To give added protection and only in case you already have group of people who are ready to play, you can keep the unwanted folk at bay with a password. Both LAN support and Boss Battle are under development that should open up much more possibilities for gamer.

As usual, First Person Shooter on mobile devices with no physical trigger thumb sticks and buttons can seems to be difficult to nail in game development, however the movement as well as controls in Pixel Gun 3D are not that bad. With Pixel Gun 3D cheats you can also put some edge to your rivals.

Pixel Gun is one of the engrossing FPS game where you control on a character which needs to survive against too many monsters and zombies. In Pixel Gun 3D game, gamers can access many types of weapons, to shoot zombies and monsters. This is one of the interesting games, however most if not all the players aren’t able to be successful. They get stuck at many levels and aren’t able to move any forward. If you’re also one of the fellows facing such problems, then do not worry.

This article will highlight some of Pixel Gun 3D cheats and tricks that are simple yet effective to help you win battles against your enemies without any extra efforts. Therefore keep, scrolling this page and you will get one that you were thinking of.

Concentrate on gun fires rather than shooting widely on your enemies. If you focus all your enemies on their heads, you can kill as many monsters and zombies.

Most if not all the maps in Pixel Gun 3D has fixed layouts. Therefore, each time you enter the map, it will will be same. Remember various locations for hiding to make it easy for you to locate your enemies and kill them.

All the time remain moving in game, by jumping and running continuously, you can lower risks of being killed. Therefore the trick is to remain running and shooting in order to be successful.

You will see various sizes of monsters and zombies. Some of them are small crawling creatures which can chew player’s knees. Aim at ground level to hit anything crawls.

You can also earn tons of coins at training phase also, therefore as soon as you are completed with killing your enemies in trainings stage, don’t forget to gather those coins behind those wall.

Any time you get time to breathe in game, reload your guns. Each weapon in your game don’t reload automatically, therefore it is important to reload them. Furthermore, if you run low on your ammunitions reload quickly by tapping reload icon.

You will see several different maps in game. You must always begin with bigger maps to get used to with behavior of your enemies as well as various strategies you can used in game.

Simplest way to collect XP, gems and coins is by completing the certain stages in game. Another way is to use Pixel Gun 3D Cheats. 


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