Pixel Gun 3D Game – What’s Different in Its Mobile Mode

Pixel Gun 3D Game – What’s Different in Its Mobile Mode

Pixel Gun 3D is one of the first pixel game on mobile which is available in single as well as multiplayer competition game, in this article I will discuss the following topics in this game.

  • Campaign
  • Main Features of the Story Mode
  • Survival Arena
  • Survival Mode Features
  • Clans and Friends System
  • Skins and Cape Makers
  • Main Features of the game


Pixel Man found himself in terrible situation, in middle of nights tons of scary zombies appear to attack his yard unexpectedly! Then, he find out that zombies do not just wander by his village, but they are now scattered everywhere. Now will pixel man survive as well as figure out reason for this Zombie Apocalypse? Be with him till end and sort this entire mystery of Pixel Gun 3 D Hack!

Key Features of the Story Mode

  • Entirely different worlds along with thousands of locations.
  • Unique kinds of weaponizes.
  • Various different types of enemies.
  • Colorful comic booklet that tells you the whole story behind this Pixel gun.

Survival Arena

A completely separate series of conditions which ask you to checkout with your skills for survival. How far you wish to go? How many monster attack waves of attacks can you compete?

Features of Survival mode are;

  • Endless game-playing
  • Unforeseen combinations of many different types of monsters
  • Get best result and then compare them with the results of your friends!
  • Awards for passing through next stage.


If you create friends by chatting in battlefield, then you both only need to press ADD in games table and voila! And after this you can rapidly find as well as team with friends for newer matches, see their accomplishments and how characters in their game are actually made from and much more! Additionally make your personal clans which is made of just best players. Be strongest Pixel warrior on planet earth.


Now you can also make your personal skin and then use them in multiplayer mode. You can turn on custom cape function. Design yourself with patterns you wish. For more boosts you can go to Pixel Gun 3D Hack sites to get free coins and gems.

Main Features

  • Many online modes with 100s of maps
  • Above 250 gadgets and weapons with upgrades
  • Secretive single player campaign
  • Amazing friends & clans system
  • Buff system and Craft for lobbies
  • Pet System
  • Mini games

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