Points to Consider for Choosing the Shower or Bathtub

Points to Consider for Choosing the Shower or Bathtub

Today, especially in cities, life is precipitated by the speed with which things happen and must be done. We lack time for everything and in the most basic routines like daily hygiene, the rush is imposed. The soothing baths in the bathtub are relegated to the weekend and the shower triumphs more than ever because it helps us save time.

That is why in many homes the question arises as to whether to maintain the traditional bathtub or to replace it with a shower. The change from bath to shower is one of the most requested bathroom reforms and there are even specialized companies that offer to do it in record time.

If you have enough space at home for two bathrooms, ideally it combines in one the bathtub and in the other, the shower. But if it is not, before making any decision, think about advantages and disadvantages of each of the two options to find which one suits the family needs of your home.


Let’s talk first of some of the advantages shower has;


It offers speed, so it is necessary for many weekdays. The relaxing baths with time and tranquility are almost exclusive of the weekend, and even then, there are many adult people who totally ignore them.


It requires a water expenditure less than the bathtub and that, in the times of saving and sustainability that we live, is an important value. The shower becomes a greener solution than the bathtub.


If elderly people or people with reduced mobility live in your house, shower is undoubtedly the best option. Floor-level showers with no borders, steps or changes in slope will prevent dangerous falls and are in fashion. Non-slip shower trays guarantee even more safety and daily comfort.

Functionality and Space

It allows you to take better advantage of the space you have. Wide variety of shower tray shapes and sizes ensure you find the one that best suits your needs. And if you need space in a small bathroom, it is clear that the shower is the best option.


It allows greater freedom of movement and this is again a favorable factor for elderly and people with reduced mobility.


Showers have easier access and that simplifies the time of cleaning.


The bathtub, however, has some functions that the shower cannot offer;

Play Space

If you have children at home, it is indisputable that the bathtub not only makes your daily hygiene much easier, but it also becomes a play space that all children like.

Moment of Relaxation

If you need to disconnect, release the daily stress and enjoy a relaxing bath, your space is the bathtub. Nowadays they are manufactured with increasingly targeted benefits to guarantee a moment of well-being like hydromassage, spa, ergonomic forms, aromatherapy, lights in the water and so much more.

Water Container

Bathtub can be of great help as a container in cases where the water supply in the home is cut off or missing.


Thanks to its dimensions, the bathtub is the ideal place to wash large objects that do not fit in any sink in the house.

Whatever your final decision is, there are some important things you should not forget;

  • Take good measurements of the space you have to decide whether to place a bathtub or shower.
  • If you decide to choose the shower, think if you want to replace it by a shower tray of the same size or if you prefer a shower of work that will give you more freedom of measures.
  • Take into account the faucet change that will be necessary if you go from bathtub to shower. Currently the variety of styles and benefits are very wide and adaptable to all tastes and needs.

With this guide, you can make a good decision but the change from bath to shower is an important work that must always be performed by professionals in the field.


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