Procedure of Pursing &Selling Property with the help of Real Estate Agents

Procedure of Pursing &Selling Property with the help of Real Estate Agents

Buying or selling real property is not the same as buying a stove or a computer. The sale of a property requires a series of papers and documents that must be in order and steps that must be respected and then come the stages of buying and selling which are detailed step by step below;

  • Offer
  • Collect Certificates
  • Signature Promise
  • Appraisal
  • Folder Delivery to the Bank
  • Study Title
  • Draft Writing
  • Signature Writing
  • Registration
  • Vendor Payment
  • Delivery Property

Before you change your home, whether you own or lease, you should take into account taking a pass. By law, every move must carry their safe conduct; document can only be requested on a notaria, and must be submitted to the mover and janitors (if requested). The law states that the owner, tenant or occupant, to change your address, you must request a pass before the notary who shall record the address you are leaving and what will be the new home.

An the owner, you must submit the original receipt of the final payment of contributions, or the deed of sale of the property, accompanied by the identity card and the latest proof of payment of basic services.

As a tenant, you must present a simple authorization of the owner of the residence, which records the agreement with the transfer, photocopy of the identity card, owner’s residence, plus the latest proof of payment of basic services, accompanied by identity card. If you live in an apartment or condo, you must attach proof of the common expenses per day.

Infringement by not having safe conduct shall be punished by a fine of one to four monthly tax units by the respective local police court. Therefore, it is recommended to have your passport to avoid problems and fines. The approximate cost of the pass is $2,000 depending on the notary’s office.

If you want to sell or lease a property or need to buy one, hire the services of a real estate agent who will facilitate the task. But in a category where there are no barriers to entry and where more and are more engaged in brokerage, it is the key to know how to choose.

A good real estate agent is anticipating all possible scenarios and is capable of delivering confidence based on professional and effective work. A good real estate agent is someone who is informed, who always speaks the truth and seeks the best for his/her client and not for himself/herself only.
In addition to helping to realize better business with the right professional, you avoid potential scams, legal problems of property or homes in poor condition, among other unpleasant surprises.


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