Residential Subdivision – Subdivide and Rule for Profit.

Residential Subdivision – Subdivide and Rule for Profit.

Plan for residential subdivision is made by licensed surveyor along with a plan of subdivision numbers provided by Titles offices. As a rule of thumb, in residential zone 1 and other zone with design development overlays 2 & 4 and new allotment less than 500 m2, made in a subdivision plan will need building designed for such lot or building envelope shown on lot/s.

Such subdivision plan is submitted with planning application. This subdivision is then advertised by sign on lot and letters are also mailed to people living in neighborhood (occupants or owners). Such rule varies little bit between every council. Entire application depending on allotments in subdivision can take 9 to 12 months for completion.


Under Subdivision act, within 7 days, Council should forward the copies of Plan to statutory authorities which have jurisdiction over subdivided area. Council must return, receipt form, copy of Form 1 to lodging party indicating date the plan received by council and names of authorities to which that plan was referred.


Authorities have 35 days for receipt of plan to issue any request or requirements for alteration to plan.


Plan will then be examined by several different authorities. Drainage, sewerage, water and electricity authorities need particular requirements for supply which can result in levies paid and works to be done.


Compliance Certificate is a document which is issued by council when all planning permits and condition have been done. This appears in certification as well as endorsement section on face sheet of plan of subdivision compliance.


Certified plan may be lodged at Titles office without compliance. But titles for new lots will not be issued till compliance is provided by council.

How to Take risk out of property subdivision and development?

Undertaking first development project is more demanding and it involves more and more risk as compared to purchasing first investment property. Although there are various things that can potentially go wrong, rewards are also far greater. One thing which can cause major concerns is inexperience or lack of knowledge which carries the greatest risk of all. Good news is that with the help of commercial or residential subdivision team of expert you can overcome this inexperience and lack of knowledge and avoid potential risks.

Residential subdivision have taken headache out of getting planning dual occupancy permits. Their teams organize relevant permits from council and even coordinate and manage project and the whole process for you.


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