Reviews of Lund and TruXedo Tonneau Covers

Reviews of Lund and TruXedo Tonneau Covers

Lund Tonneau Cover Review

Which Lund tonneau cover is right for you? No matter what your needs or your budget is, you can find a premium one to fit both of the requirements. Made by the largest supplier of quality truck accessories around, each one is manufactured to the exacting specifications just for your pickup truck. So what sounds best to you, the tri-fold Lund tonneau cover? Perhaps you would prefer a traditional snap-down made from premium vinyl? The seal & peel of these covers give you the removability of a snap cover without the trouble-prone snaps themselves. And the roll up ones offer no-drill installation and are one of the tightest fits on the market. Finally, for the folks who can’t decide between a hard and soft one, the hinged Lund tonneau cover gives you the best of both worlds.

You have full access to your truck bed, and you also get a hinged, strut-assisted lid for the ultimate in convenience. See what I mean about the variety of Lund tonneau cover options? So pick the mole that best suits your needs and rest assured you are getting a premium truck accessory.

Truxedo Tonneau Cover Review

The clever name aside, it is truly one of the sharpest accessories you can install on your pickup truck. A lot of you probably heard the term tonneau cover and immediately ignore whatever comes next, thanks to past experience with poorly-made snap-down covers. But the TruXedo tonneau cover has very little in common with other ones. One thing you will recognize is that it is constructed of heavy-duty vinyl which has been UV stabilized for long life. That’s where the similarities end, though, because the Truxedo tonneau cover rolls up and secures at the front of the bed when you want access, taking its crossbows with it. When you want it closed, it secures at the back of the bed using a unique latch mechanism, and the sides secure with Velcro in tall channels. With a Truxedo tonneau cover, there are no snaps, no loose bows, and no headaches. It is designed to work with you, not against you like some of the cheap covers on the market. So put your past experiences out of your mind and find out how good a tonneau can be by obtaining a TruXedo tonneau cover for your pickup truck today.

Access Tonneau Cover Review

By perfecting the roll-up soft tonneau cover concept, Access tonneau cover has really created a niche of its own. Low profile good looks combine with ease of use to make the Access tonneau cover the ideal choice to replace a cheap snap down cover, or to add as your first and probably last tonneau.

In contrast to the snap down, the Access tonneau cover is securely fastened at the front of your truck bed and unrolls and latches at the rear of the bed using a unique mechanism that stretches the vinyl taut, even in cold weather. Finally, Velcro along the sides of the Access tonneau cover provides a weather-tight seal along the bed rails of your pickup. Since the metal rails on this one are attached to the vinyl, so they roll up with it. You will never have to wrestle with reluctant bows again when carrying large cargo.

And there are no snaps on it to pull through the material or rust away. Once you have used this one for the first time, you will understand what I mean when I say that the Access tonneau cover is the easiest one to use and the most convenient truck cover on the market today.

Extang Tonneau Cover Review

If you are not willing to compromise over the good looks and want to have good performance as well, then you need to take a look at the Extang tonneau cover lineup. With the legendary construction quality that’s made the Extang tonneau covers the best-selling lineup in the country, and the variety that allows you to find one to suit the look you are trying to find, it is no wonder Extang is on the top of the list.

Rather than offering just one snap-down cover, there are several offerings. There is an Extang tonneau cover made specifically for your unique needs. If you want smooth, aerodynamic edges, the Saber Extang tonneau cover is ideal for you. There is even a custom-colored cover, so you can get the convenience of a vinyl cover with the look of a hard one.

Best of all the features, you get quality with every product. Because after all, satisfied, return customers is what has actually made it the best seller in the business of pickup truck accessories.

I hope these tonneau cover reviews will help you to make the best decision in your favor.


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