Should I Use A Brooms Or A Vacuum As A Carpet Cleaner?

Should I Use A Brooms Or A Vacuum As A Carpet Cleaner?

A few homeowners might tell you to clean your carpet every day with a broom which has stiff bristles, but it makes a contrary effect as the broom causes the particles of dirt and dust penetrate in between fibers. Preferably, a carpet is supped to be vacuumed on a weekly basis. The only omission to this principle is if your carpet received high traffic every day.

By vacuuming, you will prevent accumulation of particles which can tear the carpet’s fibers, which extends the lifespan of your carpet. In short, it is recommend to use a vacuum as a regular carpet cleaner.

Cleaning Carpet by Section

If you have wall-to-wall carpeting, divide your carpet into sections. Make sure that you vacuum one section thoroughly before moving to the next. Be more thorough, however, on specific areas where people sit and step on it. For these places, do not vacuum in straight lines. Instead, move the vacuum in a crisscrossing manner, with the strokes overlapping. To prevent odors, you can add baking soda inside your vacuum bag. For the additional protection, apply soil retardants immediately after you have cleaned your carpet. Soil retardants are also advisable for brand new carpets before they are laid out on the floor.

The spots and spills on the carpet are a bane to every homeowner. Before buying a carpet for your home, you should already inquire with the store on cleaning solutions for it in case of spills, spots or stains. Or you can do a small test in an inconspicuous area of your carpet. A good cleaning solution should not discolor or damage your carpet.

Liquid Carpet Cleaners

Before you apply the liquid carpet cleaners, blot or scrape very carefully the area to be cleaned. You should try to remove most of the spill or stain as you possibly can. When you apply the liquid carpet cleaner, you must start from the edges of the stain going toward the center for the reason that this will prevent the spill or stain from spreading any further. Blot up any excess moisture with a clean white bath towel. With this same towel, gently brush the fibers back to a standing position. If you have applied too much liquid carpet cleaner, so that your carpet is too moist, place a stack of the white towels for around 3/4-inch thick on top of the spot and weight the towels down with a heavy piece of furniture or thick books.


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