Should You Get an Arbor or Pergola for Your Home?

Should You Get an Arbor or Pergola for Your Home?

If the sun is too strong and you still want to spend some time in your garden, the desirable solution is a pergola for your home. The days under the pergola are always great moments of sharing.

If you want to give shade to the windows of your house, will you install a covered terrace? You choose a wooden pergola. If you want to organize family parties or garden parties in a warm luxury space, or need to design a space in your garden to house your dining area or outdoor kitchen, you can opt for a wooden pergola for your home, which also adds aesthetics to the place.

Wooden pergola for your home is customizable in all colors by passing a stain such as white, black, blue, gray or beige depending on the trends of the moment. Pergolas and arbors differ despite of having the similar characteristics. The pergola can lean against the wall of your terrace. The arbor is simply installed in your garden, so that it is friendly, central and integrates with the landscape. It shape fits globally on the ground in a rectangle.

You have the choice among the many variations of pergolas such as fixed canvas, bioclimatic with adjustable blades, shingle cover or ranging from the most rustic to the most contemporary. The latter now incorporate a whole easy-to-install fixing system. And the accessories go beyond your imagination because you can add as you wish like a heater and why not a motorization of the blinds, in short, the elements of comfort born from the development of the life outside. The arbor has a lighter structure graphically and a simplified installation and use.

A wide choice of pergola for your home is at your disposal. First of all, there is a beautiful line of wall-mounted pergolas of different dimensions according to your desired surface and the desired volume. You can choose open sides, others closed or half-open/half-closed or leaning on the front of your house. The retractable for models other than wood, it is perfect for a possible outdoor living room.

As for the arbor, the rectangular, square or rounded, formed of wood, supported by posts that you could decorate with a taupe or ecru curtain. Available from 3×3 meters, it can harmonize with your garden furniture. The arbor is freestanding. It is fixed to the ground with anchor kits. It does not require any wall support and you can enjoy quiet rest in your hammock under a veil of shade.


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