Silver Linings Playbook Review

Silver Linings Playbook Review

Pat Solatano (Bradley Cooper) lost everything i.e. home, work and wife and cannot fall lower to spend eight months in a mental institution because of an attack on his wife’s lover after finding showering together. Well, it can fall lower by having to live again with his parents (Robert De Niro and Jacki Weaver) in a situation in which everyone is aware of the fact that he has a sensitive problem. 

The thing will not be easy because Pat lives altered, talks incessantly, is impulsive and show violent reactions, and becomes irascible by the most unexpected things such as books, songs, etc.

In the background, he is a sweet guy and then family and friends constantly try to help him, but he opposes taking medications, which must obviously be the other way.

Determined to rebuild his life and change the attitude to get his wife, he come across Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence), a mysterious, problematic and infamous young widow. But what begins with a distrust that puts both on the same level and then evolves. Pat and Tiffany develop a relationship that will help them understand and appreciate life with a new approach.

As literal translation, the famous phrase of the writer John Milton is halfway.  Inspiration of the original title of the film refers to a sub-layer or what hides behind the clouds is the glass half full, or as stated in the adaptation of the original title, silver linings playbook. David O. Russell has a very interesting and diverse profile and it is reflected in the movie as it has both worlds, drama, comedy, romance and depression.

The director manages to soften and order a movie with many endpoints, potentially taking advantage of every element that could well make it a typical romantic comedy to kill time on a boring and rainy weekend. 

The biggest risk is that of Russell takes Pat free after eight months when the original novel the character has been hospitalized for years, potentially greater psychological impact. However, this decision relieves some of the heavy baggage of the tragedy. Thus, Silver Linings Playbook is on the way to the dramatic and not the drama comedy with some humor.

On the one hand, the universal theme is well executed and warranties despite everything as love and redemption. On the other, beyond the issue of background, it seems increasingly interested in the American public regarding movies about medications, obsessions, difficult task of finding the balance, dysfunctional and emotional rescue. 

Today, practically a movie is doomed to failure if it shows a family in which there are no serious problems or sufferings. Lawrence-Cooper pair manages the chemistry that surprises with its dramatic side, making it a well-done job, and De Niro is successful in this kind of comedy. To find this movie online, visit Movies4K and enjoy HD quality.


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