Simple Steps to Start Cleaning Business with Low Budget

Simple Steps to Start Cleaning Business with Low Budget

To start a new business, you need to have all kinds of relevant and necessary information involved in the process and the same case is with residential cleaning business. Though, most of the people think that this type of business does not require some kind of knowledge and skills, it still requires at a certain level. If you are interested in starting a new business of residential cleaning including long term and janitorial contracts but your budget is limited, you better start with a franchise to create your image among the clients. However, if you don’t want to get involved into commercial services, you can just begin with simple cleaning works, polishing and floor waxing.

Some of the Basic Steps

The secret of a successful launch of a business lies in proper planning and if you plan sensibility, you will be able to run the business on long term basis. Here are some important factors which need to be included into your plan.

  • The first and most important thing is to introduce your business which includes name of the company. If you want to get the affiliation of a reputable business, this will allow you to use their name or you can simply establish an independent company.
  • The second important step is the location of your office from where you will be operating your activities. Here you need to make a bigger investment in getting a place in the area where you think the residents can afford cleaning services.
  • One you have find a place, start hiring right people and provide them essential training. If you hire experienced employees, you might demand you big salaries or wages which might not be possible for you as you are just starting your business.
  • When you are sure you are ready to provide satisfactory services to the clients start advertising your company and the best way to do this is to involve your friends and relatives as expansive media campaign might not be an option for you.
  • You can also think about using print material in form posters and fliers and surely this will be an effective yet cheaper way to publicize your newly established cleaning service.

Prices & Charges for Service

Another important step is setting up prices and charges for the services. You must know what the competitors are charging and it is better to offer services at lower prices as this will help you introduce your company to the clients. You can also use Residential Cleaning Calculator to adjust your rate based on current market.


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