Site optimization

Site optimization

We provide SEO services of the highest quality. We are a digital agency whose specialists have extensive knowledge in the field of online marketing and convert it into quality services in the field of digital marketing. We have established ourselves as high-quality website optimization specialists of any complexity (better known to the general public as website SEO optimization).

It’s safe to say that SEO is a “wonderful” field because it can give your site a higher visibility on search engines (where your potential buyers/readers are most likely to be found). We also believe that any website needs online promotion and seo services the woodlands. And not just services, but high quality and affordable.

Since SEO services are our main area of ​​activity, our specialists are always up to date with the latest information and follow the latest trends in the field of SEO. Search algorithms are updated and improved every day, and we follow all the innovations.

What are SEO Services?

Are the process of optimizing websites for Google – in other words, SEO is a field that combines the best in.

Marketing: SEO services are closely related to promotion, SEO often refers to marketing strategies, works to increase brand popularity, especially since one of the optimization tasks is to increase sales.

UX / UI (Improved User Experience): Testing, experimenting, there is a strange rule in the provision of SEO services – what is ideal for one site may not coincide with the reality of another site.

Work on the site: tags, site redirection, content organization, code optimization, code rewriting if necessary.

Copy writing: we take care of your texts and texts about you, we write according to all grammar rules and style.

Design: we give instructions for organizing text, images, monitor the harmony of color and consistency between the elements of the site.

Analysis: work with numbers, synthesis, reasoning, data analysis.

What does the provision of SEO services include?

Internal optimization – we make the site useful, scan able, understandable and of high quality. We make sure that the site is friendly to both people and search engines. Here we are talking about:

Optimization of titles and Meta descriptions, Open Graph tags.

Optimization of texts, images, URLs, internal links, etc.

We create a long-term content strategy with you, set goals and objectives for Internet marketing. We help you with answers to questions, we are with you to solve any technical or functional problem of the site, on the side of SEO promotion.

Off-page optimization – here we make sure that the site is popular, important and relevant to its niche. This goal is achieved through:

Publication of news and press releases on relevant websites.

We place banners, ads and blog links in your niche or on popular sites, etc.

When providing SEO services, we offer the following guarantees:

We always add value to the site we are working on.

We are always improving the content of the site.

We are always improving the user experience.

A strategy for studying competition and the market (existing and potential) is being developed.

A personalized and unique marketing strategy is developed.

All implementations are carried out only with the agreement with the client.

The latest existing SEO techniques and methods are applied – SEO according to the strict rules of 2022.

The site will not be penalized for the work we have done.

Provide monthly reports with the completed workload.

We work hard to improve your site’s position in the Google search engine for the most important niche keywords.

Increase quality organic traffic.

We use only licensed tools.

Stages of work in SEO:

1. Improving the quality of the site:

  • Improved user experience.
  • Text optimization.
  • Image optimization.
  • Header optimization.
  • Optimization of Meta descriptions.
  • Improving the site architecture.
  • Correction of code verification errors.
  • Opening up new promotion/growth opportunities.
  • URL structure optimization.
  • Optimization of the structure of internal links.
  • Optimize page loading speed.
  • Code compression.
  • Site errors fixed (links and dead images).

2. Using SEO tools:

Site health monitoring

We make sure that there are no errors on the site: software, server or lost images. Our team reviews your entire site and reports how “healthy” it is.

Tracking the position of the site in Google

We track the position of your site in the search engine, compared to competitors. We set up groups of keywords and phrases that are important to you, and we choose the competitors we compete with, and then we get to the actual optimization.

We analyze the technical and functional part of the site

Technical analysis includes scanning the entire site to find, on the one hand, the problems it faces, on the other hand, development opportunities, increase CTR (click through rate to the site) and increase its sales.

We see how good your competitors are at SEO

We look at how competition is progressing in search engines, what keywords they are targeting. We prioritize optimization and promotion, knowing exactly where the competitors are.

We discover all relevant keywords

This process is a keyword analysis, i.e. those that will bring you sales from search engines. We analyze the content of your site and those of your competitors, check the statistics and search volumes for all selected keywords to understand which phrase we are interested in.

We think long-term based on expectations

We build an overall promotion strategy based on the goals you want to achieve in the near term, as well as in the longer term. Then we think about tactics for saving the results.


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