Step By Step Guide For The Installation Of A Bathtub

Step By Step Guide For The Installation Of A Bathtub

Step 1

Taking into account the location of the water outlets and the drain to properly position the bathtub, we calculate and mark on the wall the height where we will perform the brush to embed the wing of the bathtub.

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Step 2

Then we make the recess with a hammer and a chisel.

Step 3

Under the rubbing, we will place a strip of water-repellent wood to support the bathtub. We will make holes in the wall with the drill provided with a widia drill and insert some nylon blocks.

Step 4

We replace the widia bit with a point to screw and fix the piece in the wall with a zinced lag.

Step 5

After checking that the strip is well leveled, we prepare the sand bed to seat the bath well. We slowly put sand to the ground, extending it properly, until we get a layer thick enough to release the siphon.

Step 6

Introduce the bathtub on the base of sand, leaning it on the wooden strip and inserting the wing in the rub that we made in the wall until leaving it to level.

Step 7

Now proceed to mount the siphon. After cutting a PVC pipe to the extent we need it, and we clean both the drain outlet and the end of the tube that we are going to insert in it with a rag or paper and apply a special adhesive for PVC.

Step 8

Then insert the pipe into the drain outlet.

Step 9

We place the siphon in its position, tightening the nut that joins it to the pipe. To ensure its tightness, we will place a rubber gasket.

Step 10

Then we apply universal silicone both on the scrub and on wooden strip to fix the bathtub and at the same time, prevent water from seeping between the wall and the bathtub.

Step 11

Having placed the bathtub in position, supporting the wing on the bar and embedded in the brush, and pressed to seat it well.

Step 12

Put the overflow and place the drainage grid, fixing them with a few screws. To do this, we will use a screwdriver.

Step 13

We re-apply a silicone cord between the bathtub and the wall to ensure water tightness.

Step 14

Once the bathtub has been fixed, we will close the sides, building brick walls. Before starting to place them, we will prepare the mortar that we are going to use to fix them, following the indications of the manufacturer.

Step 15

Lay out the design and dimensions of the walls on the floor and place a ruler or a straight wooden strip on the drawn line. In this way, we can begin to build the walls.

Step 16

Before applying the mortar, we moisten the bricks with a little water, so that the product fits correctly.

Step 17

With a shovel, we take small amounts of mortar and apply the product, both on the foreheads and on one of the edges of the bricks.

Step 18

Next, we put them in their position well flush with the board that serves as a guide, so that the joints are tight and the bricks are well seated.

Step 19

Once we have installed the first row of bricks, we check that they are level and we begin to place the pieces of the second row, avoiding that the unions of one row with another match.

Step 20

To get the bricks we need in the start of some rows, it is necessary to cut them. To do this, we will give some dry blows with the palette placed of edge, on the line of cut traced in the brick.

Step 21

Proceeding in the same way, we continue placing more bricks until completely covering the two sides of the bathtub.

Step 22

To finalize the work, we wet the walls of brick with water and roast them with mass leaving the surface prepared for its later tiling.

In this simple way, we have left the bathtub perfectly installed and embedded with its brick walls.


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