The Efficient Ways to Have Big Business

The Efficient Ways to Have Big Business

It is not a common practice where small and medium companies succeed in attracting the big fish in business and have their portfolios enriched. However, every SME has the unstoppable tendency to pitch the big fish.

Identify, Communicate & Position Your Expertise in the Market

Your client must identify you and your business. Their objectives and their needs must have a correlation with what you solve or what you do, especially in the first phase of your business; your focus has to be to position yourself as an expert and a ‘solver’ of a certain type of problem in a given market. Once you identify your differentiation and market your position, you should begin to communicate. Communicate means to raise awareness and deepen. Proper communication will help you position yourself as an expert and as such, people seek to follow because you have to say and it is what interests them for their own personal growth, business, etc.

Help Potential Clients Understand Reasons to Trust You!

Share real stories of other people or companies with whom you have worked, so you will allow your new and potential customers to know what else is there for them. For someone who just knows you and is considering hiring your professional services to help you achieve your goals, it is natural to doubt or wonder if you will get results considering when and how. You must show some cases of clients with whom you have worked and who have been in the same situation and then got what they expected, it is an excellent reference. If you have a website, it can also be an excellent opportunity to showcase some of the testimonials and success stories.

Focus on Generating Added Value

There are customers who are ready to move to the next level and buy a service professional today, but most do not. And that does not mean that they will become good customers. Often the reason is because they are not prepared to know what the steps are to take to achieve their goals. Then, their goals seem very distant and little tangible, and are difficult to achieve. Another step in this regard to capture your customers and differentiate yourself in the market is helping to make that way step-by-step until they know they can count on you to make that leap to the next level.

At other times a client does not even know of the existence of a need in life, business, career and what you can do to help is to show the possibilities of what could be achieved or impact if the client does hire the service or buy the product.

One thing you can do in your business to accomplish this step is to encourage your prospects to read an eBook or special report on an issue that you think might help clarify the current situation to discover strategies that help take action and solve their problems. This is a job they can do for themselves, and then if desired can work with you to implement as they have learned the importance to enhance the results and they feel much safer because they have more information on what is the way to go ahead.

Think about what kind of information you can share with your potential customers (even for free) so as to be able to educate and train them in everyday life and they will be better and certainly more motivated in order to access the services or products that you are of major transformation for them.

Attracting big clients is obviously a tough task and will demand you to be persistent and confident. It is constant process and if you keep all the above mentioned guidelines in practice, you will master the art of catching the big fish sooner than you expect.


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