The Essential Tricks to Save Oil in Cooking

The Essential Tricks to Save Oil in Cooking

Undoubtedly, oil is a key ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine, and the healthiest way to fry. However, its price is increasing every day, and it seems that in the future, the variation will be on the rise. With these simple tricks shared in this article with you, you will learn how to save oil in your kitchen very simply.

Clearly, the method with which you will save the most oil is to reuse it. The oil strainers are the best and the most practical system to conserve the oil for later reuse and has the following advantages;

  • They allow us to keep the fish oil and meat separately, since there are meat oafs and fish oysters.
  • They usually carry a filter to remove food particles before storage.
  • Their designs and covers are made to conserve the oil properly.
  • They help us to dispense the oil when we want to use it again, since they are usually shaped like a pitcher, with a mouth shaped like a beak.

The oil can be reused several times without any problem, simply respecting some simple rules which are as follows;

  • Filter oil before storing. When storing the oil already used, the food particles must be removed, both to avoid mixing flavors with the next meal, and for better preservation.
  • Re-use only until it begins to darken. Depending on the temperature you have cooked, the type of food and the quality of the oil, this may occur before or after, but it is usually from the third reuse.
  • Keep the oils of meat and fish separately, that is, the oil that you used to fry fish, only reuse it for fish and do same in case of other meats.

Cooking Utensils that Require Little Oil

You can save a lot of oil by simply choosing the right cookware, especially the pans.

Good Frying Pans

For example, there are non-stick pans which will allow you to cook with just a few drops of oil without ‘sticking’ the food. However, other pans need a lot of oil because otherwise, the food will stick. It is worth choosing a good non-stick frying pan.

Kitchen Plates

There are both electric cooking plates and cooking plates for stoves with which you can cook with virtually no oil, and consequently not only save oil, but also eat healthier.


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