The Google Pixel: It’s All About The Camera

The Google Pixel: It’s All About The Camera

Google’s effort at its very first smart phone, Pixel, is starting to hit the market.

It’s company’s very first mobile with own hardware, design and software. This phone represent a clean break from its partners who helped with producing Nexus products.

This smart phone represents change in performance as well as appearance from its previous Android phones. This have an attractive look with smooth and fast one-piece aluminum body, which has wedge like shape for keeping camera flush.

The phone isn’t known as Pixel for nothing. Google is stressing the speed and clearness of camera. Google claims it is one of the highest rated phone camera ever.

The camera is all around sized at 12.3 megapixels. Reports demonstrate it is quick with decent vibrant colors. Focus is kept up at about each edge. Google promises boundless capacity of photographs and recordings.

The camera gives sharp and refined close up shots. Shooting in Landscape modes still gives incredible detail and profundity.

It has front camera that additionally completes a great job of capturing picture.

4K Video can be shot and Pixel utilizes its own particular form of optical picture adjustment. The feature is valuable yet said to not exactly be satisfactory as compared to other phones. Google promises boundless capacity of photographs and recordings.

One preferred standpoint the phone has is that it is profoundly incorporated with Google’s search function. Google Assistant is a piece of the bundle. This uses machine learning and can get to the company’s vast database.

Google Assistant can reply about any question. Among the numerous errands it can deal with are planning updates, looking facts, discovering spots to eat, giving directions, setting alerts, and translating text. It should turn out to be more customized as you utilize it.

Talking about batteries Google guarantees a quick re-charge is conceivable in just 15 minutes. This will give 7 hours of use.

Colors are Black, Blue and Silver. The cost above 600 dollar is in-accordance with numerous phones that have some comparative features, however some may discover it somewhat high for this kind of Android phone.

Pixel is aptly named as well as camera is possibly phone’s best thing. Although overall device may not compete latest offerings from Samsung and Apple, it’s a step ahead for the Google and cannot generate following among who want greatest and latest in Android based OS.


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