The Procedure of Cleaning and Sealing the Granite

The Procedure of Cleaning and Sealing the Granite

The procedure of cleaning and sealing the surfaces in granite is quite simple, in addition to the precautions, its correct cleaning and sealing is reduced to scouring or mopping the floor. For daily cleaning of granite surfaces, you will only need a mop of cotton or strips, a bucket of warm water and a soap for liquid floors with neutral pH. Prepare in a bucket a tablespoon of soap in a plenty of warm water.

First remove all the dust that may have the floor on it; you can use a broom, vacuum cleaner, mop or some similar ting to make sure that there is no remains of dust and mud.

With the floor completely free of dust, pass a first scrub with the wet mop with the idea of applying the product and wetting the area to loosen the embedded dirt, and it is assumed that dirt that has been removed completely. Leave it a moment without leaving dry another time. Wash and drain the mop very well by changing the bucket on each pass.

Now with the mop clean and squeeze, go to rinse the dirt and scraps of soap you have collected in the bucket. After each pass, wash the mop under the faucet, squeeze and re-pass a few more times and let it dry without touching the floor.

In case you sealed the granite last year, fill a bucket of warm water with a small cup of white vinegar and two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide and perform the above procedure by changing the cleaner for the products mentioned. Even if you have sealed the granite, it is natural to get stains of different liquids. For the best granite sealers, visit Review Gurus.

As you have realized, granite floors require more care than cleaning, but its procedure is very simple and what is important is to take care of them. The experts recommend many different things and products to deal with the difficult to reach area with good results and here I will mention two methods in case you do not want to get the commercial products.

  • Mix one tablespoon of regular sodium carbonate with a tablespoon of borax in a bucket of warm water and repeat the steps from the beginning by replacing these products with the neutral pH cleaner.
  • Do the process described at the beginning, and add to the scrub of neutral pH with half cup of isopropyl alcohol and apply without drying and rinsing as described above.

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