The Types of Sofa Bed

The Types of Sofa Bed

When you choose the sofa bed, you will find yourself with other decisions to make such as the following;

  • If the use is daily, you should invest in a good one because your rest is important.
  • If it will be located in the living room, you will see that the options that blend with the design, functionality and robustness when a sofa bed is used.
  • If you can locate it in a side room, you will have more chances to play and combine with the environment.

We can distinguish the sofa beds based on the following features;

Click-Clack Sofa Bed Model

It is very popular because it is not expensive and it is very easy to open and close. Its main problem is that it cannot be folded with the bed made ​​and the mattress is not usually of excellent quality, so it is suitable for occasional use. The opening system consists of folding the backrest, which opens like a book. It is a wide model with 1.90 to 2 m approximately. They are easily removable.

Sliding Sofa Bed Model

This model takes up less than the length matches with the width of the bed. It consists of a sliding drawer that pulls out from under the couch. The seat pan board is also deployed to form the mattress. The mattress is slatted and its price is affordable. It cannot be closed with the bed made, but the advantage is that, being narrower, it is easier to locate. You can also withdraw the cover for washing.

Pullout Sofa Bed

It is the most comfortable model and can have a slatted frame and spring or latex mattress. It is long lasting and, although it is a traditional model, it has evolved a lot, both in design and performance. The bed can be stored made.


This type of Asian sofa bed has become popular in the recent years but for comfort, both the mattress and the structure must be of good quality. Otherwise, it will only serve to muddle up your sitting and sleeping. Note that it is almost single storey, so it is more suitable for youngsters.

Other Options of Sofa Beds to Consider

It is possible to use a single bed, attached along the wall and cushions that conform to the backup. It is always ready being an economical solution.

Sofas are crucial part of home decor and sofa beds have made it even handier to exploit the less pace for more room with sofa beds.

Today, we have a quality sofas that serve for both functions i.e. to sit and sleep and you can see many people considering to choose between sofa bed and a normal sofa. Today, both manufacturing and materials have evolved enough to buy a sofa that meets the conditions suitable for both functions.

First of all, assess whether you want or need a sofa bed. The purchase of a sofa is one of the most important decisions you have to take as you incorporate a piece of furniture to the décor as well.

If you are thinking of having a sofa bed in the lounge where visitors come from time to time, you must think, first, in the comfort of those who will sit on it, because that is its primary use. Perhaps, if it is sufficiently deep and long, for a guest to stay for one night, simply withdraw the back cushions and use it as a single bed. If the use of the sofa will be continued, it is better to have a specific model.

We can never lose the aspect of precise measurement, especially when we talk about furniture as bulky as the sofas. If you want to put it in the living room, you must measure very well the place where it will be placed. You also have to consider the space you need when it is open by adding a few centimeters around, that so you can move.

Tables and chairs should be minimal and easy to relocate, especially if the sofa will be used as bed daily. You also have to manage a small table near it where you can place a book, a glass of water, mobile or anything else you need to have on hand during sleeping hours.

The color and design must fit the décor.

Do not abuse cushions, pillows or blankets when closed.

Note that the model you choose has a space inside in which to save bedding.

Find out if the sofa can be folded with the bed made.

If the function of sofa seat will be primarily to sit, you should look for one whose cushions have a good density, so that when you use it as a bed is not sunken and uncomfortable. In this case you should carefully observe the complete structure of the sofa that you will have both functions working well for you.

Another interesting tip is to contemplate the possibility of choosing a cabinet that allows you to have a storage space for bedding and also lets you close it with the bed made.


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