The Warning Signs of Drug Addiction in the Elderly 

The Warning Signs of Drug Addiction in the Elderly 

Elderly drug addiction may start without anyone in the family realizing it. But drug addiction can cause serious health dangers to an older adult because of poor body resistance and the body’s reduced ability to handle the side effects of addictive drugs. You may think that some symptoms are just normal for older adults with illness, but deep down, you or your elderly may be suffering from serious addiction that can lead to bad health or untimely death.

Recognizing the symptoms of elderly drug addiction can improve the health condition of your older loved ones and halt further addiction to the drug of abuse. Also, you can easily get help from some good drugs and alcohol treatment centers if you know that there is a serious problem. Here are some warning signs of elderly drug addiction problems:


An elderly drug addict is anxious and irritable. He or she may feel “crabby” or worried most of the time.

Memory Loss

Most senior drug addicts have memory problems. They have trouble recalling things. Others may out this off as a sign of aging or Alzheimer’s. But, drug addiction in adults can aggravate memory loss.

Decision-Making Skills Deteriorate

As people get older, they are expected to be more careful in decision-making. But drug addiction affects their brain functions that lead to poor judgment.

Poor Concentration

Older adults with elderly drug addiction have problems in paying attention or concentrating.

Lack of Interest in Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

Activities of daily living may be more uninteresting to an older adult with addiction. They may not show interest in talking to other members of the family, going out with their friends, or doing the usual activities they used to enjoy when they were not yet drug addicts.

Depression or Sadness

Addiction can cause changes in moods. Oftentimes, drug addicts feel isolated and lonely. Their inability to form constructive relationships because of their preoccupation with drug use may lead to feelings of sadness or depression.

Erratic Mood Swings

Drug addiction may cause serious mood swings that may shift from extreme happiness to extreme sadness in minutes.

Chronic Pain

One of the most common alibis of elderly drug addicts is chronic pain which requires prescription drugs. They usually resort to doctor shopping or borrowing prescription from family and friends to get the drug.

Financial Issues

Drugs are expensive, especially if older adults would need them every now and then because of their addiction. So, they may dip into their savings account or retirement funds just to buy the drugs. If they cannot afford it, they may borrow from friends or family. They may also lie or steal just to have money to purchase it.

If you or your loved one is suffering from addiction, it is high time that you consult your trusted doctor about a few drug rehab treatment options. You can call a rehab center for more information, and the experts will map out all the possible treatment solutions to help you get rid of this problem.


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