Tips for Selecting the Right Tonneau Cover

Tips for Selecting the Right Tonneau Cover

The name tonneau originates from the French word that means rear seating area of a vehicle. While your truck bed isn’t a seating area, the term is still proper. Sometimes it is spelled as tonno.

Your pick-up truck has a bed that is used to transport items. These beds are generally open to weather and tonneau covers give shelter for the items kept in your truck bed. They change your truck bed into a sheltered compartment. They are different, however, from camper shells that turn the truck bed into a camp-like compartment.

With an extensive variety of tonneau covers on the market, to choose the right one for your truck appears to be a bit overwhelming task. While most of the tonneau covers offer the same general features of being weather-resistant cargo protection as well as having condensable saving on gas expenses, there are three main points you need to think about when you are out in the market to find one for your own use which are as follows;

  • Looks
  • Versatility
  • Functionality

Hard Tonneau Cover

You might be familiar with the various soft tonneau cover permutations out there, but what about a hard one? If you need extra security and true weatherproofing in your truck bed, the hard cover is really the only game in town. Also known as a fiberglass tonneau cover, since that’s what the majority of them are manufactured of, it has a secure lock and overhanging sides. The hard tonneau cover is hinged at the front, and raises via hydraulic struts to allow access into the bed. Combined with the automotive weather-stripping most come with, it is the only truck bed cover that can really offer a weather-tight seal and true theft protection.           

It alone makes the fiberglass tonneau cover popular with folks who carry computer equipment, medical supplies, or sales materials. Also, it has the advantage of being paintable. If you want sporty street truck look, a fiberglass tonneau cover with painted body color is an ideal choice, particularly when coupled with a spoiler bolted to the back.

For those who have a truck, attaching a tonneau cover is a necessity because it gives a well-organized storage for whatever you carry. This also offers coverage from varying weather conditions like rain, snow and extreme sun. If you can’t see it, you can’t take it. Since tonneau covers hide your things from sight, thieves would most likely pass over your truck when considering which one to victimize. Some models provide added security such as locks, alarms, and designs that make stealing from them hard.

1 – Extang

Extang features many models as BlackMax, Tuff Tonno, Platinum Classic, FullTilt, ExtangRT, Extang Saber and a few more. It is the leader brand in sales with the claim of no damage to your truck. That’s because Extang tonneau covers are driven by outstanding quality and excellence in engineering design. You can check out the complete line of and see for yourself why it is the leading choice among truck bed cover owners.

2 – Lund

If it is worth carrying, it is worth protecting and this is why Lund International brings you the top quality, ingeniously designed tonneaus that are installed very easily and last long and keep your cargo safe from the weathering elements. With low profiles for improved gas mileage and designs that offer easy access to truck beds, these tonneaus have you completely covered.

3 – Pace Edwards

With over 15 years of experience, this brand has also become the #1 market leader in both mechanical and electric retractable tonneau truck covers.

4 – BAK

It works with Nissan Titan utility Track. Snow and ice buildup are no issue with this cover at all for the reason that it is designed to handle 400 lbs. of snow and ice. It retracts like a large tape measure locking every 12 inches.

5 – Covercraft

It is a low profile rail system available in Zip&GO or traditional snap-style. This low profile tonneau looks sharp and includes a lot of features to make it one of the best systems you can choose for your pickup truck. Its every model and version allows easy access anywhere around the truck bed, and straps at the front of the cover in order to secure the rolled tonneau if full bed use is needed.

It is one of the well renowned styles and uses the full perimeter aluminum frame which is clamped on the bed’s top, so there are no drilling, glue or screws are needed. It uses patented hidden fasteners to hold it onto the rails.

It is a budget priced and easy to install and available in both ready fit and semi-custom design and custom patterned to fit the specific applications.

6 – TruXedo

The TruXedo has put the experience to work for designing the soft roll-up products for pickups. They outperform other brands in ease of use, performance, and versatility. A Truxedo tonneau cover adds great value to your truck. You can read some more reviews here so that you can have a good bargain.


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