Tips to Apply Grout Sealer on Your Own

Tips to Apply Grout Sealer on Your Own

Grout sealing is probably the simplest task in the cleaning procedure of the grout provided that you make a good foundation to make sure that your work has your desired look. It starts with a cleaning the area and if you overlook it you will not be able to get the results you want. In this post, I am sharing all you require to seal the grout I the best possible manner.

The reason to start with cleaning the area is quite obvious. The grout sealer is a double-edged sword; if you use it correctly, it will make the area in question spotless for the years to come. If it is applied inappropriately, the dirt that is already present on the area will remain where it is and will not let the grout sealer sit properly on the surface.

When you are sealing the grout on the floor tiles, you have to stay on your hands and knees for some hours and it assure that you will have the worst pain during and after you have completed the task. Therefore, I suggest that you have knee pads and the grout sealer applicator instead of trying to save money on it and use an old toothbrush. I strongly discourage it.

I have witnessed many of my friends erroneously add floor wax to the tile and grout floor. But it is a grave mistake and you should avoid it. With the passage of time, the wax is gradually turn your tile floors into a dirty mess and there will be no difference howmuchever you try to clean it. Here I suggest you use a water based grout sealer to avid this hassle later on.

Now when you are all ready to apply the grout sealer on the grout lines, you must ensure that the whole grout line is shielded with the grout sealer you are applying and you are not pouring it over the tile. Remember that the grout sealer dries clear, so you do not have to worry about its appearance; it’ll be of the same color as it was before the application of sealant. Remember that it happens in case of using water-based grout sealers. Now give it some hours or a day to dry for strengthened bonding with the grout. I hope this post has helped you how to deal with this important task.

You can make tile grout look new and clean with the use of a grout cleaner. Grout is used to fill up the spaces between wall and floor tiles. They accumulate dirt, mold and mildew over the years especially when they’re located in high traffic areas. Thus, using grout cleaners is essential in providing a sanitary and clean looking environment for the home. Cleaning the grout lines whether they’re found in kitchens or bathrooms is important not only to extend the life of your tiles but to also prevent stains from accumulating and keep water from seeping through the tiles. There are different sorts of grout cleaners and every type of cleaner suits to a particular type of grout such as the following;

  • Acid cleaners are good for huge dirt accumulation.
  • Acid and bleach based cleaners require less scrubbing.
  • Bleach for white grout is good while acid and others are good for colored grout.
  • The other cleaners like solvent based cleaners are suited to delicate grout.
  • For marble or granite, special stone based grout cleaners are required.

You also need to have certain cleaning accessories to do the job properly. Some of the accessories you need are as follows;

Grout Sponge

I used to use an old wet cloth to wipe away grout cleaner. This was good enough and I still recommend it in most of my grout cleaner reviews. Grout sponges are just like normal sponges and do the same thing as my old wet cloth, except they lift the muck from the grout and prevent it from rubbing into the grout or disappearing into the sponge. The professional tilers use them when they are cleaning tiles because they are durable and absorbent. Totally worth a try on your next grout cleaning project.

Kneeling Pad

With all the tiles in our house, I spend a lot of time on my knees scrubbing. I start out with nothing but sore knees. I then tried stuffing an old cushion into a garbage bag and kneeling on that. My wife saw this once and laughed. She disappeared out to the garage and came back with her gardening kneeling pad. No idea why I didn’t think of it. Anyway, get one if you want to look after your knees.

Water Bucket

This is a no brainer. You need a water bucket so you have a source of clean fresh water close by to wring out your cloth or sponge. It’s also very handy to have water nearby if you accidentally splashy grout cleaner on a wall or skirting board.


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