Tips To Be Careful For False Advertisements That Misrepresent Jobs For Truck Drivers!

Tips To Be Careful For False Advertisements That Misrepresent Jobs For Truck Drivers!

Recently, I was searching the jobs for truck drivers I found very few that seemed to be unbelievable. Unfortunately, not a single one was found to be real or unbelievable because they showed misrepresented job vacancies and false wages. They even ask for a payment before they allow you to receive their services. Well if you are one of those looking for a truck driving jobs and/or truck driving school to get training, Commercial driver license or jobs, be careful of false advertising and bigger impractical claims that cannot be backed.

Be Careful or avoid bait of truck driving jobs advertisements that say the following;

  • We offer the fastest training.
  • We offer the highest wages in the market.
  • We hire drivers with no experience.
  • Everyone can qualify.

Now let us look into all these hoax made fallacious advertisements about the jobs for truck drivers.

We offer fastest training.

Fast training is a myth, in fact a poor feature of any driving school. Try to find out yourself how much time actual driving and/or classroom training is needed by your authorities before you get CDL or Commercial Driver License. And only apply to the school or truck driving company that

We offer the highest wages in the market.

Some advertisements from truck driving schools guarantee you certain wages, however ensure that the starting truck driver’s salary is accurate for area. You can check this from state trucking association or even talk to local trucking services and/or drivers at local truck stations.

We hire drivers with no experience.

Most if not all companies will not hire a fresh truck driver, however they allow them to complete some manual jobs or complete necessary requirements before they can become driver and drive a truck independently. You can talk to some local trucking businesses that are interested in for verification requirements and starting salaries.

Everyone can qualify.

Properly check for requirements and qualifications for Commercial Driver License with your state DMV as every different sate and truck driving company has different requirements.

When you are in search for a career in truck driving or training, thoroughly check the training and job requirements as well as the company before you spend your hard earned money. Investigate and research for the state’s requirement for truck driver training school and find one that exceed or at least match those requirements. Talk to some existing truckers about their experiences and reviews of the companies they have worked with.


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