Tips to Buy the Best HID Conversion Kits

Tips to Buy the Best HID Conversion Kits

Color Temperatures for HID Conversion Kits “K”

Once you have figured out the exact fitments for HID kits in your vehicle, you need to find out the color temperatures for your car. This can be done easily by the ‘K’ also known as Kelvin rating for the HID bulb, which you want to install in your car. There are different color variations available in the market, based on the Kelvin rating. If you want to get a standard HID kit for your car then the 4300k HID kit will work best for you. However, if you want a sleeker look with brighter lights then the 6000k or 8000k HID kit will work best for your car. The important thing to consider is that the higher the Kelvin rating for your HID bulb the more chances that you will attract attention towards your vehicle, and since most states ban the use of HID bulbs on car headlights you definitely want to get legal authorization for that.

Ballast for HID Conversion Kits

One of the most important things that you need to consider when you are purchasing HID conversion kits in the market today is the type of ballast you need for your kit. The ballast supports the HID bulb and prevents it from getting damaged. There are different varieties of ballast available in the market, and you need to purchase one which is compatible with the type of bulb you acquire in your HID kit. The HID bulb takes at least 60 seconds to warm up completely, once you start your car and turn on your headlights, and the ballast helps in adjusting the electrodes and keeping the bulb safe from burn out. This is one reason why you should get quality ballasts that provide shock resistance and waterproof protection for your headlights. Choosing the right ballast for HID kits will ensure that your vehicle does not acquire any damage, should the headlights experience any problem.

Warranty for HID Conversion Kits

The warranty for your HID conversion kit is yet another important factor that needs to be considered when you are purchasing an HID kit. There are lots of different HID kit manufacturers in the market today and each one is offering a different warranty. The most common types of warranties on offer are as follows;

  • Lifetime warranty
  • 15 year warranty
  • 5 year warranty

You need to gather information and do proper research and read detailed reviews to purchase an HID conversion kit, and you should consider the overall price as well when making your decision. You should weigh your options carefully and then decide on the type you want to purchase to get the best possible HID conversion kit for your vehicle.

There are a lot of different reasons that can lead to the HID headlight flickering problem in your car, and you can easily solve the matter with the help of a warning canceller or a capacitor. If is important that you first have in-depth analysis about the HID flickering problem to find the basic reasons for the problem. Assuming that you have learned about the problems, here I am sharing the solution to this problem in this very article.

The HID lights on your car require a direct current in order to run correctly. If there is insufficient voltage being provided to the lights, then this may cause the HID bulbs to flicker. This is one of the most common causes of HID flickering, and is generally corrected by adjusting the voltage supplied to the ballast.

Reasons for Low Voltage Supply

If you are getting low voltage supply to your HID headlights, then it may be due to performance issues with the alternator or a defective battery. If you run your headlights during daytime, this may also cause voltage issues.

The Relay Harness

One of the best ways to combat the issue of flickering and low voltage supply is a relay harness. It lets the ballast acquire electrical current straight from the battery and thereby, disengages the low voltage problem effectively. A capacitor can also do that trick, and can be used along with a relay harness in order to ensure that you no longer have to face with voltage issues.

High-Power Capacitors

Another great way to combat the problem of flickering in HID lights is the use of high-power capacitors. They help in feeding direct current to the headlights and is one of the most common solutions used by drivers today.

Resistor Packs

You can try installing resistor packs in order to help your car’s electrical system transmit a steady flow of voltage to the HID bulbs. This will negate the problem of flickering in your HID headlights.

Dealing with HID Headlight Flickering

The persistent issue of HID headlight flickering can ruin your driving style and experience as well. It is also not safe to driver your car when you are dealing with flickering issues on your HID headlight kit. Therefore, make sure that you install your HID headlight kit correctly and have the entire system checked out by a professional in order to ensure that you don’t have to face with any HID flickering problems in the future. You can see more info here.


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