Tips to Choose New Smartphone

Tips to Choose New Smartphone

This is due to presence of a variety of choices in the market. There is Windows, Android and IOS. Some have buttons while others have touchscreens. The list is long.

How you will use your phone is an important factor to consider. The size of your pocket is also an important factor to consider. The following are some important factors to consider before buying a new phone.


Many phone manufacturers are bringing new phones into the market each day. Nokia, Samsung, LG, Sony and Apple are some of the biggest names in the market. However, there are more other manufacturers that produce good phones e.g. Huawei and Lenovo. Do not disregard the less known manufacturers because they also do produce impressive phones at pocket friendly prices.


Some people like huge phones e.g. tablets. However, some hate them because they are difficult to carry around. Tablets also require more power and internet costs. If you can’t afford to mantain a tablet phone, go for a smaller phone.


The lighter the phone, the longer you can hold it up as you use it. If you like using your phone for longer periods, go for lighter phones like the tiny IPhone 5 or Galaxy S4.


Modern phones have very high resolution capability. Some like IPhone 5 have a resolution of 1136×640 while the Galaxy S4 has a resolution of 1920×1080. For other smartphones, make sure their range falls between 300 and 400 Pixels per Inch. This will make it easier for you to read a text on small screens.


Majority of smartphones have an internal storage of 8gb,16 gb, 32 gb or 64 gb. The larger the storage, the more data you can keep.However, phones with larger storage are quite expensive. Many Android phones have expandable storage whereby you can add additional storage using a microSD card. They can support external storage of up to 64 gb. If you constantly require to expand your storage, go for an Android phone instead of an IPhone.

Resale value

Apple products are best when it comes to resale value.Incase you are planning to sale your phone after a while, go for an IPhone. If you don’t make it to buy an IPhone, services like Gazelle accept a variety of smartphones at reasonable prices.


The ease with which you can get applications in your phone is very important. That also applies to books, music and movies. Apple has App Store which has a wider variety of applications while Android has a robust Google Play Store. If you have interest in specific applications, find out the ecosystem which has applications that suit you better.

Network technology

When it comes to choosing network technology, consider one which is strongest in your area. If HSDPA is strong but CDMA is stronger in your region, go for a phone that runs 3G on CDMA network.

Take note of these factors before buying new mobile phones. Don’t buy a phone because it is trending. Instead, buy one that suits your needs.


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