Tips to Choose the Luxury Dining Chairs

Tips to Choose the Luxury Dining Chairs

The dining chairs can be purchased to match the table or be totally different. Overall, in the first case, manufacturers often have in their catalog complete sets, which was as traditionally elected. But this has changed today, and now you can choose them of any kind to create a whole harmonious look or contrast. In fact, it is normal in the decorative proposals in which particular part or all of the chairs accompany the dining table are different. In this case, you must choose a connection point between them i.e. the color, upholstery or overall design.

How long should the chair be?

  • The chair seats are approximately 45-50 centimeters in width and depth, although some centimeter can be adjusted, depending on the design.
  • The seat height from the ground should be about 45 centimeters.
  • The backrest height is variable, from which are very low to the highest and stylized.
  • In case of chairs with arms, it is necessary to add at least 10 centimeters width.
  • The backrest height should not be such as to prevent throw your head back or not let you turn your head to look over your shoulder. Having too straight back is not a comfortable position for chat times after meals.

Chairs or armchairs?

When you buy your dining chairs, you try them before and you must pay attention to the following points;

  • The lumbar region has to rely comfortably on the back when you lean back.
  • A high-backed prevents excess serving dishes or put things on the table.
  • The armchairs are more comfortable because they allow you to rest your forearms, but take up more space. An intermediate solution is to put them to the headers of the table in the case of rectangular or oval and chairs to choose sides.
  • Be sure to choose a model with all seated diners, none suffer the discomfort of table legs.

Material, Structure and Seat of the Chair

The structure can be wood, metal, and forging new materials such as ABS or HI MACS. On current trends, virtually any material can be used to make the structure of a chair.

The seat may be of the same material as the structure, leather (real or synthetic), upholstery, braided rope, or bulrush, among others.

Clean dining chairs

That is a hardcore reality that dining chairs are stained. So choose a material which is easy to clean and wash. The leatherette is a good choice in this regard, but it has the disadvantage that it is colder in winter and too hot in summer.

Do not forget that the luxury dining chair has to harmonize as a whole. Both the dining room table and chairs have to be proportionate in size to the rest of furniture and, at the same time, the space occupied be proportional to the rest of the room. This harmony has to be extended to colors and materials and, if you opt for the contrast with the table, the luxury dining chairs have to have some common ground with other furniture in the living room.

The basic furniture for a house can be summarized in a list that serves you either large or small house with many or few rooms. The goal of having furniture is to make life more comfortable and also more beautiful. Whatever style you choose, here’s a list of minimum pieces of furniture that will define your home and it will be in your hand how you want to adapt it to your own needs.


Living rooms are ultimately nothing without the sofa as the star piece. The range of offers is almost endless, starting with the number of places, by the brand, by the material it is made, for upholstery, for price and color; the variables are simply many. If you are not sure, choose a timeless model, not necessarily classic, of good quality and easy to renew with new fabric or covers. It is a furniture that you can have for years to come at your home. If you are going to be long with the set you want to purchase, you must invest in a quality product.

Center Table

Next to the sofa, a center table creates a resting area on which you can place different removable items to be used in the area of living room. There are coffee tables which have the same functions and there are also all kinds, shape and size available. With little space, choose one with storage capacity for magazines and books, lift to replace the dining room in light meals or drawers for remote controls.

Side Table

This piece of furniture supports when you need extra surface near sofas or chairs for the placement of telephone, mobile or iPod. If you need it, you can add it to the surface of the table.

TV Tray

Although modern technology is becoming thinner and weightless, TVs still occupy space. A TV is an important item for the reason that it tends to gather the family around. You can get the one that offers necessary minimum space with drawers for storing movies, games and cables to help maintain the order.

In this list, I have included the most important and most used pieces of furniture, but you can find many others items when you visit a furniture showroom on your own. All of these items are of daily use, so you must pay attention to the level of comfort you can get with them instead of only style.


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