Tips to Lead Twitter Followers to Your Blog

Tips to Lead Twitter Followers to Your Blog

In this article, we will talk about how to improve our outreach strategies, communication and interaction to gain more twitter followers for increasing the number of followers.

Biography and Presentation

One of the features of Twitter is that users usually want to connect with people. Therefore your biography, actual full name and photo are essential in your profile. The elements that must be considered for a biography or full head of Twitter are as follows;

Real Name and Username

Twitter allows you to include your full real name and your username which can be different.

If the name of your blog is not too long, you can find a way to use both to be located more easily and your followers to establish a real connection with you.

If it is too long, remember that you can only use 140 characters in your tweets, you will find a creative way to shorten it without losing the essence.


Uses a clear and bright picture. It is advisable to use a personal photo, or you can do it with a little creativity and combine both personal photo and main logo of your blog.

Link to Your Blog

How many times has it happened with you to visit profiles of people who follow you and you do not find information further links to lead to their blogs. You must try to connect with like-minded people and related to your niche or theme to create a genuine and transparent profile if you do not want to give the impression that all you want is followers without caring anything else. With this in mind, you do not want someone to lose your track to follow when visiting your twitter profile because of no link back to blog.

Brief Personal Information

You are supposed to give brief and specific information about your personal information which is enough to know about you.

Set Real Conversations

The purpose of Twitter is to have dialogue, connection and exchange. Although we use the social network to disseminate the content of our blog, we should not forget to interact with our twitter fans which includes the following;

  • Reply mentions
  • Thanks for RT
  • RT to other messages
  • Participate in other twitter profiles and activities
  • Use #hashtags in moderation.
  • Mentioning users with whom you converse battery by name

Avoid you get Unfollow

There are certain practices that have proven to be ‘hated’ by users of Twitter. To get new followers is a challenge, therefore, avoid falling into bad practices and lose twitter followers.


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