Tips To Prepare Lawn Properly For Summer Time

Tips To Prepare Lawn Properly For Summer Time

In summer, there is no doubt that the lawn looks best, thanks to the plants which are in all their splendor and many of the species invade the space with its colors and pleasant aromas.

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To ensure that the lawn becomes the most beautiful place of our home in the summer time, it is essential to keep it in good condition, therefore, we must follow the steps of lawn maintenance care just before the arrival of intense heat. It is not a complicated task, as you simply have to pay attention to the care that we show you in this article on how to prepare the lawn in summer time.

The good weather and the development of plants and flowers attract the insects and pests that are in charge of invading the lawn completely and spoil the work done previously. As we do not want this to happen, it is essential to take care of the plants ensuring to avoid the pest damage by applying the most appropriate parasite treatment. Take into account that chemicals should not be applied in the hours of intense heat.

Once you have checked the status of each of your plants, it is time to go to the deep cleaning of the lawn. It is a delicate task in which it is necessary first to release the plants from the dry leaves and the damaged parts that they have to favor their natural growth and make them look beautiful. The hedges and shrubs also need pruning in which old, broken or damaged wood and wilted flowers should be removed.

Then, remove the soil from the pots and shrubs, use some vitamins to enrich it and perform a light watering. Finally, remove the debris with a rake until everything is clean.

As for the grass , the main care required is, on the one hand, the removal of weeds and, on the other hand, leave it very short, so that it grows stronger and homogeneously. Also, it is very important to fertilize the lawn, so that it has the necessary nutrients and irrigate it with greater intensity to make it stay healthy.

Irrigation in hotter months should be abundant, but it is preferable to do so in the cooler hours of the day so as not to exceed water consumption and prevent it from evaporating quickly. In case of having an automatic irrigation, it should be programmed according to each type of plant and its location, and keep in mind that excess of water is also harmful to the plants.

Finally, take advantage of the change of season to plant new species as flowers of the season. With such a lawn maintenance care, it will make a good impression and will be a lovely space to relax and enjoy the sunny day.


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