Tips To Prune A Tree Correctly & At The Right Time

It is important to know how to prune a tree at the ideal time to avoid damaging it for the reason that young or mature trees can always be susceptible to pruning if it is done at a time of the year in which it affects its growth or recovery. Also, another important aspect that you should take care of when pruning a tree is the way you do it.

Ways To Prune A Tree

In general, when we are talking about how to prune a tree, it is referred to three main types of pruning, and these go in relation to the objectives needed to reach which are mentioned below;

  • Prune a tree to shape it
  • Prune a tree for maintenance
  • Exceptional pruning

How To Prune A Tree To Shape It?

During the first years of a tree’s life, it is important to guide it, so that it has a structure of main branches that are well distributed to grow strong, and this also allows to fix the tree canopy at a certain height.

When you are pruning a tree to shape it when it is young, you will contribute to the tree grow free and with an aesthetic aspect that will not create problems with the neighbors by the reach of its branches or the litter that it discards.

How To Prune A Tree For Maintenance?

When the tree is large, it is well formed, its crown is at a certain height and main branches are strong, and it is necessary to give maintenance to the structure that has developed.

This type of pruning seeks to eliminate any type of element that damages the tree itself such as dry branches, those that interfere with the passage of people or that cross with power cables, in addition to removing the excessive branches, etc.

How To Prune A Tree On Exceptional Occasions?

It is a rare type of tree pruning, but it is common to see it in the gardens of the city and even in homes. It is a type of pruning that experts do not recommend as they have the peculiarity of cutting the entire tree crown with a chainsaw. There are two types of pruning; plowing and canopy, depending on how far the tree is cut. It is generally recommended not to perform this type of pruning or to do it only in really extreme cases, and get a professional tree service to get the job done.


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