Tips to Take Care of Your Hair Weaves Perfectly

Tips to Take Care of Your Hair Weaves Perfectly

When combing your hair and hair weave extensions, you can use a wide brush or one specially designed for hair weave extensions, starting brushing gently, following brushing up, remember to place the weave and do not pass the brush around, the only brush you can pass without any problem is the special brush for hair weave extensions for avoiding that they get off faster.

Brush your hair by holding it with one of your hands as if you were making a ponytail and twisting it a little, leaving the tips without twisting, and with the other hand, brush it as smoothly as possible starting at the tips going slowly to prevent your hair weave extensions from coming off with some strong pull. I repeat that you never brush your hair weave extensions by pulling hard or you may even hurt your scalp too.

Brush your hair weave extensions 2 to 3 times a day and apply some silk or silica before brushing. It is recommended to keep your brush and some other treatment aids in your bag.

If you want the style of your hair weave to be completely straight, you can use an iron or tweezers, but always be careful that you do not touch the fixing points to avoid touching about 3 cm of the growth of your hair, especially when the method of application has been with qeratin. Before ironing or curling your hair, it is advisable to use heat protection substances; you can handle many treatments that will serve both to hydrate your hair weave extensions and protect before using any tool that generates heat. If you like to curl, it is better that you choose a curly weave that won’t shed. Heat is one of the biggest enemies for hair extensions and for your own hair, so remember that the more heat you apply, the less they will last.

Be careful with the use of dryers, irons and tweezers and always go with the lowest temperature since in some occasions the temperature levels are too high and can burn your own hair and also hair weave extensions. Use and apply heat treatments before using our iron or hair dryer and remember that although it looks like your own hair, it is not, so it requires more hydration since it is no longer fed and nourished by the root of hair. It is best to let the hair weave dry naturally.

Exercises and Your Hair Weave

When you go to the gym, it is advisable to braid your hair to avoid getting the tangles.

Care to Sleep with Hair Weaves

You should never sleep with damp hair as the moisture can harm and weaken and even cause an unpleasant odor of moisture.

You have to make sure it is completely dry to go to the bed. We recommend bathing in the morning or in the afternoon, so you do not sleep with wet hair. You also braid it to prevent getting tangled before bed.

Additional Tips

  • Use a good conditioner to keep your hair weave soft.
  • Use the least amount of products that contain alcohol, as alcohol dries the hair.
  • Do not tingle your hair weave yourself, but let a specialist do it.
  • Moisturize daily to keep them soft, shiny and free of tangles.

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