Top 4 Movies by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures in 2020

Top 4 Movies by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures in 2020

Walt Disney is an authentic brand in the business of movies and we have already watched a large number of movies under the banner of this unmatched brand. Every years Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures come up with some greatly entertaining movies and it did so in 2020 as well with the release of one of the most anticipated movies of 2020 Captain America: Civil War. Let’s how many movies Walt Disney Studios brought us this year.

1 – Captain America: Civil War

This is the movie we had all been waiting for and finally it is released for public viewing. It was extremely exciting to learn that there would be many superheroes colliding against each other. With the movie release, Captain America: Civil War did prove itself worthy of anticipating.

The storyline is about the differences of opinion between Captain America and Iron Man which ultimately lead to the division of the whole team of the Avengers. You can get to watch superheroes versus superheroes in this action-filled movie. I bet you will not be disappointed and bore for even a single second.

2 – Alice Through the Looking Glass

Alice is back with the fascinating world of Underland. It is a sequel to the chartbuster movie Alice in Wonderland which was released in 2010. In this part, Alice goes back to the enchanted realm of Underland and come to know that the Mad Hatter is in a horrific situation and his life is at threat. Now it is up to Alice to form an alliance with her supporters. For this purpose, Alice is required to travel back in time in order to protect the Mad Hatter along with the future of Underland as the wicked Red Queen with support of a clocklike entity called Tim is hell bent on the destruction.

3 – The Jungle Book

Walt Disney is famous for its impressive work of making beautiful graphics of background and different creatures interacting with humans and The Jungle Book is a great effort in this regard.

The story is about a human baby named Mowgli who, as a result of an accident, end up with a pack of wolves who nurture the baby with care. A lion injured by some hunters turns to be an enemy of Mowgli and is determined to kill him at any cost.

4 – Zootopia

This is another great effort by Walt Disney this year. Zootopia is a modern city where all animals live together performing their everyday routines and duties. Among huge animal officers, a small rabbit join police force and goes to every possible and positive extent to prove her capabilities.

Are you single? Or in a relationship? No matter what you must watch the romantic movies as it is scientifically proven that love can make you healthy, so why not take this health from the movies.

1 – Bridget Jones’s Baby

There is no way that you are not familiar with the name of Bridget Jones, now in 2016 it is coming with a new chapter that unfolds the story of Bridget after getting married and having a baby. You can see Renée Zellweger and Colin Firth reprising their roles in a new way in this movie. The movie is directed by Sharon Maguire, who has also directed the previous installments. You will find this movie amusing and romantic at the same time.

2 – Cafe Society

This movie is set in the 90s where a man comes to Hollywood willing to find work and make a name for himself, but instead he fall in love and finds himself completely taken away by the society and spirit of people of Hollywood.

3 – The Lobster

The name may sound weird, but it is a story about love and friendship. It revolves around the relation where love finds its ways and grows with passage of time.  The story shows what the struggles are when people come together to form a couple, the understandings and the adjustments. One aspect that is ravishing in the movie is told as the fear of dying alone, and being left behind alone.

4 – The Choice

The movie tells the story of Travis Parker, and Gabby Holland, who are neighbors in a small costal tow, and end up loving each other. After a decade there is no difference in their love, as their affection is tested by time and many different incidents.

5 – Swiss Army Man

In this movie you will find the story and the explanation of characters very different from the movies you are already used to. An island and a man who is left behind with no hope Hank, to ever making it back to home is found, and one day everything changes as a corpse Manny, Daniel Radcliffe washes up on the shore, the two become friends and go on an adventure to get Hank the woman of his dreams. This movie is a classic like no other movie, it is a place of pure fantasy, affection, friendship ad brimming with almost everything that you can imagine with or without magic.

6 – Passengers

This movie is set in the future, where a 120 year of journey from colonized planet to another galaxy takes place, and in this time the story evolves itself. A beautiful journalist Aurora and the passenger fall in love, and the story unfolds how they are separated.

7 – Knight of Cups

This is a movie starring Christian Bale this year, a very strong actor. The story of movie revolves around the kingdom of Egypt, in which the son was sent to find a pearl and comes back to Egypt but instead he drinks from the people while forgetting he is the son of king, which leads him to fall in a deep sleep.


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