TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll-Up Tonneau Cover Review

TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll-Up Tonneau Cover Review

The completely flush-mount look of TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll-Up Tonneau Cover allows it to blend in perfectly with the look of your pickup truck. Unlike a lot of lids and camper tops on the market, it allows you to maintain the sleek and classy appearance of your pickup truck.

Quality and Strength

Nothing comes close to the strength of TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll-Up Tonneau Cover. It is capable of handling some of the most brutal weather conditions known to man and can even survive a hail storm. In fact, it is arguably the most weather resistant covers on the market!

It is guaranteed that there is nothing in the market comes close to the strength and durability of TruXedo Tonneau Cover. It will literally withstand more than your truck was designed to and this is why the manufacturer takes pride in saying that this cover will outlast your truck. Many people have told that it is like making an armored trunk out of their truck bed.

Even under the worst shipping conditions, TruXedo Tonneau Cover is virtually indestructible and will withstand a lot more than the most covers for the reason that it is constructed from 100% powder coated aluminum. The manufacturer does not use any cheap padded polymers on the covers that are subject to crack or tear at any moment.

There are no visible keyholes, locks, or latches for you to worry about someone tampering with your truck. The spring loaded lock handle is located under the cover and locks automatically when closed.


Unlike many of the competitors, it give you complete unprecedented access to your truck’s stake hole pockets. What good is a tonneau cover if it doesn’t allow you to use a bicycle rack, rail caps or bars, contractor rack, utility rig, or tie downs on your truck? It is a problem with most retractable tonneau covers on the market. Or, worse yet, they hit you up for additional charges for special rails to make additional accessories to work with their cover. Plain and simple, most retractable tonneau cover companies don’t take all of your needs into consideration ahead of time.

TruXedo Tonneau Cover locks intermittently every 12 inches to give you just enough room to haul large objects and lets you protect additional cargo in your bed. It also allows you to push the slot machine all the way against the tailgate and close the cover up to the very edge, thus, protecting everything else underneath. You can see more reviews online to be 100% satisfied to purchase this TruXedo Tonneau Cover.

The primary reason that most people purchase and drive a pickup truck is that they can haul things like tools, construction equipment, musical instruments, even furniture on the back of the truck as it is just like a bed. Often, if these things are used on a daily basis and left in the bed over night, they may get stolen. Sometimes a truck bed’s items are so small that a little bit of rough driving or a sudden stop will cause them to fall out. To prevent these events and others, some truck owners use what’s called, a tonneau cover which is fastened over the bed of a truck to prevent spills or to protect the items under it from rain, snow, dust, dirt, or other elements.

Tonneau cover are available in a variety of styles and colors, can be hard or soft, and are designed to operate the same way that a trunk of a car operates. The more expensive hard tonneau cover are usually made of fiberglass and the less expensive soft covers are made of vinyl, also known as canvas. The hard ones can be a flush mount, top mount, retractable or multi-section. The soft tonneau covers, on the other hand, can be mounted on top like hard covers, or they can be flushed, rolled back or tilted upwards. The type of covers that truckers use largely depends on the purpose of their trucks. For a variety of soft and hard tonneau covers, is suggest you to visit thereviewgurus.

For the purpose of hauling heavy, sharp, and bulky items like tool boxes or electrically powered items, a hard tonneau cover should lay on top of the bed, while small, lightweight items like fishing equipment, it would be well served under a soft tonneau cover. Of course, both types of items would be well protected under a hard tonneau cover.

To secure truck bed items in place and to prevent them from being stolen, truckers can lock tonneau covers provided that they are placed on an appropriate type of tailgate, the one that locks. The locks on tonneau covers (two, four, or more) should be designed in a way, so that a key will not break inside of them. They should also be resistant to rust and corrosion, and be able to withstand over seven hundred pounds of pressure. Most weather proof tonneau covers only weigh between fifty to a hundred and twenty five pounds, however, they may support over two hundred pounds of snow. Despite their tremendous strength, the manufacturers strongly discourage people from standing on them.


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