Types and the Benefits of Buying a Platform Bed

Types and the Benefits of Buying a Platform Bed

Bedrooms form the core of the house. Everyone wants to decorate the bedroom very elegantly to make it look beautiful and fresh. The bed is the center of attraction, but sometimes the small size and lack of space in a bedroom makes it look messy and dirty. In this situation, platform beds are the best option you can go.

A platform bed is a bed that consists of a mattress placed on a solid platform raised from the floor by the legs or the frame. The space below the platform bed can be used for storage purposes awhile they do not have springs. If you are looking for a way to modernize and create a contemporary style to your bedroom, a platform bed is sure to get the job done.

Today’s platform beds follow the example of minimalist Asian styles with the philosophy ‘less is more’ having simple design and conservation materials, a step up from the highly ornate traditional Victorian style with Canopy or sled style beds. Instead, platform beds are usually made of solid wood boards with modern straight lines. The number of metal platform beds on the market is also growing.

They are also closer to the floor than typical beds, not only by style and design, but also because they can be used without a box spring. Slats that are built into the bed give you the wide mattress support. This low bed style is also obviously inspired by Asian design, so much so that they are also called Japanese platform beds.

When shopping for a platform bed, consider also looking for a platform bedroom set that will not only include the platform bed frame, but also a matching headboard, bedside tables, storage units, cabinets and vanities. Storage units are usually drawers below the bed, which is part of a bedside unit.

Although they are fashionable today as an element of contemporary interior design in the rooms, they are indeed the earliest form of bed.

It is believed that the first royal bed was created by the ancient Egyptians as a device to lift from the floor while sleeping to avoid cold, discomfort and insect on the floor. Examples of wood frames glued together to form a platform are found in ancient Egyptian tombs and sites. From here the modern beds were developed and was it not until the 1860s when the box spring was developed as a device to help maintain a mattress in a simpler frame.


One can choose a platform bed of the two varieties available.

1 – Wooden Platform Bed

They are usually made of oak or maple wood and offer warmth and beauty to any kind of bedroom decor. They are available in different sizes such as full size, king size or queen size and double size. Although they are generally designed to support a mattress, they can be changed and modified for use with box springs. Altering the height of the headboard and reducing the size of the slate plate allows this.

Metal Platform Bed

They come in many varieties from modern to traditional and are available in a variety of colors. They have drilled holes to allow the adjustment of the height of the bed. High quality special steel is used for more strength and durability. To avoid depletion and excessive tightening of the screws, a special Allen wrench is used.

What is the cost of a platform bed?

Since the design uses a minimal amount of material, many platform beds are more affordable than regular beds and can be easily found for around $300 to $500 while the bedroom design and finishing leather sets will cost you more.

Do not forget that buying the best platform beds also saves you from having to buy a spring mattress to support your mattress, which means greater savings and greater overall value.


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