Types of Classic and Modern Bathtubs

Types of Classic and Modern Bathtubs

Glass, stone, antique earthenware, hydromassage bathtubs, today choosing a bathtub for a house is not usually easy, especially considering that all are very nice, comfortable and provide the ideal means to relax in a bath of immersion.

To choose a modern bathtub, there are many options, depending on the material, size or function required by the family. In this post, we will see a few options to make your decision easier.

If you are thinking of installing a bathtub in the bathroom of your house, you have many choices. From the classics to the whirlpools, through transparent bathtubs or cornerboards in a super modern style, the range you can choose is very varied.


If you are looking for a modern bathtub model, the glass can be a good choice. It looks like a fish bowl, is very sophisticated and will give a touch of luxury to your bathroom. Some companies have launched this type of transparent tub along with other glass accessories, transparent polycarbonate or translucent colors, which can be combined to achieve a bathroom of elegant and original style.


They have a classic oriental style and are perfect for a modern, rustic or elegant atmosphere. The woods are warm and give a traditional or antique feel to the bathroom, but may have modern fittings such as a whirlpool.


For a house of conservative style, there is nothing better than an old bathtub with ornate legs and shiny earthenware or metal. In these cases, a professional installation can add modern accessories to give more comfort to a classic bathtub.

Of the older ones, there are also many models and forms to choose from, not just the classic oval-shaped bathtubs, as you can find luxurious round bathtubs with tiles and mosaics forming beautiful designs.


In hydromassage bathtubs, there is no limit to the variety of designs, because they can even be tailor-made to suit everyone, incorporating functions to make the bathroom at home a spa experience.

In addition to the classic whirlpools, there is a variety of materials with which bathtubs are built or the surroundings of the spa area at home. A modern and very decorative choice is stone bathtub.

Before choosing a bathtub, think about how your family would enjoy the bath experience at home, consider the dimensions, style and possibilities of the place where you will install it and then consult a professional to choose the right one for your home.


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