Ways for Sealing Granite Counters

Ways for Sealing Granite Counters

Granite like all stones possess a natural absorbent quality. It is necessary sealing granite counters to avoid chemicals or other harmful substances to seep in the stone and cause discoloration.

Some granites have small cracks in them. Colored fruit drinks, cooking oils, grease, marker pens, etc. may seep into these little fissures and cracks. The resulting discoloration can be quite difficult to remove.

It is important to take proper care and maintenance of granite countertops and sealing it is a necessary part of it. The granite sealers act like a shield to avoid stains from entering the granite.

Granite should be sealed before it is put into use.  In new construction it is better to wait until the final cleaning has been done. Granite should be sealed the day after the cleaning crew leaves and before the homeowner takes possession.

Application of Granite Sealer

The most convenient method to apply the granite sealer would be to place it in the spray bottle. Begin with just a small portion of the countertop and spray the sealant on the top. Then wipe it with a clean cloth.  Let it stay for at least four to five minutes so the stone will absorb it sufficiently.

When it is nearly dry, you should then spray another layer of the sealant. This time spray a thinner layer. Wipe it again and allow it to dry for two to three hours. Repeat both steps one more time.

Granite sealers are easy to apply. Read the applying instructions. Many granite sealers are to be applied on the dry granite. Dry does not mean cleaning granite countertops after which to dry it with the towel. Water in the cleaning process can seep in the granite and may stain it. If water is there within the small cracks and fissures, the sealer can’t penetrate the granite.

Clean the granite and let it remain at least for 24 hours. Alternatively allow a fan to blow over the granite for a few hours. Wet granite has a richer color than the dried out granite. So wait for it to get the lighter look before applying the sealer.

The Best Granite Sealer

Stonetech Bulletproof Stone Sealer is the best granite sealer and has earned a good reputation in the market. The price is also quite reasonable as it is used for a long time. Just a few squirts are often enough to fully apply a coat for a typical sized granite counter.

Getting a granite tile countertop will definitely beautify your kitchen. It just seems to have this certain aura of the attractiveness. It also comes in different styles and colors. This is a great advantage especially for the people who want to personalize their kitchen or match a particular theme. With the different designs, you will find one that suits you or you can have one customized exactly to your liking. Getting a granite tile top is easy as even on the internet you can order one. You will get a lot of information from companies distributing granite counters and for sure you can get all the answers to your questions. You will be surprised to find out how this material can fit your budget when you think of home improvement.

You have to remember that there are no set names for granite countertop colors. Usually, the stores come up with their own names, so you have to really research how it looks like. You just need to be able to see how the granite will look like, so that you would know it will work. The industry does not regulate the name of a color, so if you are new to this, it will be better to see it beforehand.

You should visit the store, so that you can also get advice on installing and how to put it up in the kitchen if you want to do it on your own. You should just have to mention how you want your kitchen to look and the stores may have suggestions to make things better for you. Getting a granite countertop is a good way to make your kitchen look delightful and have a very strong quality material that can last very long. You will certainly a get good value for your money and a touch of class that any homeowner will look for in their kitchen.

One of the major reasons and benefit of having granite countertop is the ease of keeping it clean and tidy. Cleaning it is simple as takes very little time. You can find many effective granite cleaners on the market. The major brands of granite cleaners are as follows;

  • Granite Gold Daily Cleaner
  • Sprayway Granite and Marble Cleaner
  • DuPont StoneTech Professional Revitalizer

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