What are Stages of Surgical Procedures?

What are Stages of Surgical Procedures?

When the timing of your care for a surgical procedure is approaching, it is likely that you are still unaware of the certain technical aspects that are performed during the surgical procedures. It includes a series of maneuvers that are performed in a surgical ward. The whole process is divided into three stages as preoperative, transoperative and postoperative.

Preoperative Surgical Procedures

It is the preparation of the patient before starting the surgical procedure. When arriving at the consultation, the reception is given the Informed Consent. The surgeon will inform you again of the procedure that will be done in verbal and written Informed Consent. If you are satisfied with what is stated after signing the consent, enter the dressing room for preparation.

In the room, it is made an anamnesis, you leaves your personal belongings and in turn receive the appropriate clothing to enter the surgery room, which consists of a robe, cover and hat. In addition, in some cases, the medication may be necessary depending on the general state of health and the type of procedure that will be performed.

Throughout the surgical procedure, the blood pressure, pulse, blood oxygenation, and other variables are evaluated through the vital signs monitor. Then, by venipuncture in the arm, a small volume of blood is extracted to obtain plasma rich in growth factors, which gives among many of its benefits, improves the process of soft tissue healing and bone regeneration.

Subsequently, while the first helper locally anesthetizes the area where the surgery will be performed, the medical team prepares to initiate the intervention. It begins with surgical handwashing to eliminate the transient microbial flora. Then the assistant dresses the device in the wardrobe and sterile gloves and in turn they put the sterile field on the patient to prevent contamination in the surgery. Once the equipment is prepared, the surgical procedure begins.

Transoperative Surgical Procedures

It constitutes the surgical act itself, and it involves several members of the surgical devices each fulfill the specific functions but with the same objective, give the patient the highest safety and efficacy in the treatment. The time of the surgical act is relative and will depend on the complexity of the treatment that will be performed.

Postoperative Surgical Procedures

Once the surgical procedure is completed, the surgical field is removed and the patient enters the recovery room to rest. The medication prescription and other instructions are given in written to follow during the estimated time of recovery.


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