What are the Appealing Features of Kik Messenger?

What are the Appealing Features of Kik Messenger?

If you are looking for multiple instant messaging messengers to help you make interaction with your social circle due to different specifications of these messengers, you can save effort and your time by downloading KIK messenger as it is one of the favored choices of individuals. Awesome chat experience can be enjoyed nowadays due to availability of different messengers online however selecting a one is dependent on our choice or what we are actually looking for?

Some apps are popular nationwide while we should adopt an messenger which is well known globally to increase the chances of finding out friends on the messenger as downloading a new messenger can be annoying. KIK has been notices gaining popularity in USA and other countries therefore you can use it as one app for every place.

Features of KIK Messenger

  • You are able to search your social media contacts on the messenger and if one is not using the app you can invite him.
  • Make private or group conservations according to your preference.
  • Sharing documents, files in various formats and audio attachments are also possible. Make song dedications on special occasions to your friends and family member’s.
  • Pop up messages can be seen in busy schedules to become aware about people sending you messages.
  • Frequent updates regarding status can be made as some status messages are already available in KIK messenger or you can make a new one.
  • People who consider sharing smiley’s necessary would love this messenger as cute animated smileys are available in the messenger free of cost. Other can be downloaded for additional cost.
  • Kik online download is free of cost, so you can use it both on your phone and on your computer.

KIK Messenger Android App

If you notice some bug or virus which makes your PC out of work you can also download KIK messenger app which is now available for android phones so that you can easily contact with your friends without facing any constraint or hindrance. You can easily enjoy all the features of the messenger as these are allowed in the app.

Save essential cost by using KIK instead of sending SMS which are more time consuming. While typing a text message there is a word limit however if you are using KIK messenger you can easily type text without thinking about the length as no word limit is mentioned. Sharing your thoughts and ideas in group or with specific person is therefore easy and exciting.

Enjoying Through KIK Messenger

You can use frequent updated status to view comments of your friends and by making excessive comments to your friend’s status. If some unknown person is teasing you can simply block him to prevent additional annoying messages from him. New friends with same interests and near to your age group can be found making your contact list bigger. Friends near to your location can also be found. Enjoy privacy by only adding your email address, however, if you are interested you can also add your phone number on the KIK account.

Kik messenger doesn’t specifically require a smartphone for its use, because it does not work with phone number. It is a popular social media app, which is extremely easy and simple to use. Therefore, anyone with a facility of internet can use this app, and connect with friends and family.

However, people often ask how can they register or make an account for Kik. A Kik signup can be done from phone, PC, laptop, I Pad or IPod. It is pretty easy to sign up online by following some simple steps.

  1. The first and foremost step is to download the app. For smartphones and laptops or P.Cs, it is possible to download via the app providing store. Also, there are numerous websites which offer the downloading the app. Check for compatibility features and storage requirements, download and install the app.
  2. Open the newly downloaded app. The home screen will show you the options of “sign in” and “create an account”. Click on “create an account”.
  3. Next, the app will ask a series of personal details from you i.e. first and last name, email address and phone number (it is optional). It will also ask your birthdate.
  4. Next thing is to select a suitable username, which is unique and different. Be careful because once selected, you cannot change your username. Also select a password. The password should be strong and a combination of letters and numbers.
  5. The app will also ask you to select a picture for your profile. This will be visible to everyone. Be careful in selecting the picture.
  6. Click on the register button to complete the signup procedures.

Now that you have successfully registered for this messenger app, the next step is to add some friends. You can add your friends on Kik messenger in following three ways.

By Scanning Their Kik Code

Kik provides each of its users with a specific and unique Kik code. This code can be scanned by another person to whom you give it, to search you on Kik and add you. Ask your friends for their Kik codes scan it and add them in your contact list.

By Asking Their Usernames

If you cannot scan the Kik codes, do ask the usernames of your friends and add them. Be careful to ask the correct and complete username, because it will take very long time to search for the correct person if you do not have the complete usernames.

Using Phone Number

Although the app does not require any phone number and its provision is optional, it is the most precise method to search anyone. If your friends have provided phone numbers while registering their Kik accounts, you can simply enter the number, and add them. If using it on your phone is not enough then you also have the choice to get it on your pc, with Kik online PC. This way you can access your world everywhere you go.

At some point, during sign-up or adding contacts, the app may give the error “This is taking longer than usual, please try again!” In this case, check your internet connection or uninstall the app and try installing it again.


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