What are the Best Restaurants You Will Find across the Globe?

What are the Best Restaurants You Will Find across the Globe?


It is a monument of Cuban exile as it was built during the first wave of exiles in the 8th street. In this restaurant, they serve generous portions of Cuban food. You can also just have a latte, a wine and a beer. It is open on Friday until 3:30 in the morning and on Saturdays until 4:30 in the morning. They have good service. You better look good because it is full of mirrors.

El Cántaro

Here you can taste the cebiches, the most delicious tiraditos of the region and typical dishes of Lambayeque like the dried meat. It has a good atmosphere and travelers can enjoy their typical northern meals. It is located at Calle 2 de mayo Nº 180 in Lambayeque.

Crazy About You

If you want a romantic dinner in an exceptional place with a view to Bahia and the fireworks without much fanfare, I recommend this restaurant. It has an enviable location and offers two possibilities for dining i.e. one that ends at 9:00 pm and the other until midnight.


Among the list of the best restaurants in Dubai, we can never forget to mention Espana. It’s simply an experience of teleporting yourself to Spain. The heterogeneous décor is beautifully shared with music, food and drinks. Once you step inside this place, you will virtually find yourself in Spain.


This restaurant offers the core feel of Miami. The fame of its chef Rainer Becker precedes him in places like London, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Dubai and Bangkok. The wait to enter is one to two hours if you do not have a reservation, but it is always worth it. Their specialty is modern Japanese food. I advise you to order several dishes to share for the reason that they are all phenomenal. You must try tatami meat and Teriyaki salmon. It is a sophisticated culinary philosophy in a casual and fun atmosphere.


It is part of a chain which presents a different concept, began in Sao Paulo in Brazil. It consists of the exhibition of 14 different grilled cuts of meat, served in swords. It also has an unlimited buffet with 14 cuts with different accompaniments. Among its dishes are the meats like thin loin, strip roast, chicken with bacon, leg of lamb and it also offers a diversity of salads, and also outstanding is the Brazilian Cheesecake, a delicious dessert.


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