What are the Finest Restaurants in Dubai?

What are the Finest Restaurants in Dubai?

The ambiance of restaurants in Dubai make you relaxed and comfortable and provide you with ample time to interact with your dining companions. There is something in the restaurant setting which will make you really feel that you are having a great time. It is the setting that prepares you to enjoy the food in a much better manner since the quality of food is always mind-blowing.

Some of the best American restaurants in Kuwait include Hard Rock Café, Scots American Grill, Slider Station, Johnny Rockets and Wes lodge Saloon.

Johnny Rockets is really famous for its milkshakes and hamburgers. With its classical design, it is one of the best restaurants in Dubai and it offers a filling American breakfast with a selection of pancakes, beef bacon, hash browns and sausages.

McDonald’s is an internationally acclaimed restaurant group with outstanding varieties of American dishes; it is a locally owned franchisee of the McDonald’s group.

Hard Rock Cafe has a wonderful setting overlooking the sea. This restaurant offers tremendous varieties of dishes like delicious range of starters, entrees, burgers, side dishes, salads and desserts.

The Chili’s offer the finest range of fresh grilled American delicacies at its best and the sandwiches, salads, smoothies, grilled items and burgers have also become very famous.

The best Indian restaurants in Dubai include Mughal Mahal, Maharaja Nawab and Asha’s.

The aromatic and sumptuous atmosphere makes Mughal Mahal one of the popular restaurants in Kuwait and there is something in the restaurant setting which will make you more relaxed and comfortable. It can be said without a doubt that this unique setting and the delicious Indian Mughlai dishes make this restaurant a real favorite.

Asha’s is a top class Indian restaurant with great dishes like Kebab Sultan Puri, Muscat Gosht and different varieties of fish items.

Maharaja and Nawab also have become really famous with their quality service and wonderful dishes. Unique features like inspirational setting, quality service and delicious dishes make these places the best restaurants in Dubai.

Some of the finest Italian restaurants in Dubai include Ricardo, Ciro’s Pizza Pomodoro, Johnny Carinos Italian Kitchen, Piazza (La) and Prego. The Italian coffee and wine are hugely popular all over the world and it will be a bit unfair not to mention about the delicious Italian dishes like Secondo, Primo, Antipasto and Contorno. They are not doing any harm to the reputation of the great Italian dishes and they are even making it more popular in Dubai by bringing in different varieties.

Great Chinese restaurants in Kuwait like Zheng He’s, China Club, Asian5 – DAFZA, China Garden and Blue Sapphire have been serving people with irresistible dishes. You will also find the famous P.F. Changs restaurants offering their specialty menu. In addition to this, the famous Japanese restaurants like Sakura has been doing great services and the Moroccan and the Lebanese restaurants are no exceptions.

The tremendous quality in the dishes, inspirational settings, great hospitality, restrained noise level and the proper settings of tables and chairs make these venues the best restaurants. For them, the primary motive is excellence and they are really passionate about what they have been doing. That is what makes a restaurant an irresistible place to visit and dine.

Japan, Tokyo

Nihon Ryori Ryugin is a restaurant of the chef Seiji Yamamoto, an ode to the Japanese culinary tradition in Tokyo. Yamamoto takes special care to show the changes of the seasons of the year using ingredients typical of the Japanese country and centuries-old culinary techniques that perfectly match the most modern cooking techniques. Dining in Nihon Ryori Ryugin is a complete Japanese experience without a doubt

Trondheim, Norway

Baklandet Skydsstation restaurant has old Norwegian dish such as kjøttkaker[ shaut cakke] (meat cakes) and baccalao[bakka leaa] which is a dried, salted cod in a delicious tomato sauce. Baccalao is a traditional Nord land dish (people who live in upper north love it). Traditional dish in Trondheim is Sodd. This is a Norwegian meatball dish. I usually add some spices in it to give it a much better flavor.

Brickell, Miami

South Beach Restaurant & Lounge radiates with the style, personality and flavor of Florida. Known for its fabulous eclectic menus, South Beach dining is an event in itself. Many of them are located in the South Beach area from casual sidewalk cafes to five-star dining from award-winning chefs. Outdoor dining is a South Beach crowd pleaser with many trendy waterfront and city view establishments designed for their customers to see and be seen.

Dubai, UAE

This city is hugely rich in the restaurants and every place has its own unique style and taste. Here, you will find cuisine from every party of the world and the traditional cuisine. We suggest you visit Pier 7 Dubai for the reason that it is one of the best restaurants with delicious foods.  


If you haven’t had deep dish pizza Chicago style at Gino’s East, you don’t know what you’re missing. It’s simply amazing. The first time I had this pizza I couldn’t believe it! The pizza is this amazing half inch to an inch thick combination of mozzarella cheese mixed in with your favorite requests. The sausage is to die for, although I love their spinach pizza too. The layers are topped with pizza sauce and tomatoes. You’ll need a fork to eat this pizza and often just one slice will fill you up, it’s that good.


At Cafe Maharani, be prepared to wait for a table and since the food is cooked to order, you might have to wait a while before your meal is served. But you’ll be glad you waited. The food is incredibly good. The naan bread is scrumptious. The lamb madras with the saffron rice is a meal you’ll likely dream about. 


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